Please call Senate Resource Committee

Please call the Senate Resource Committee 202-224-4971 and ask them to pass S1579 ROAM Act, Senator Byrd is the sponsor.  No need to call the House Resource Committee they already passed this bill under HR1018.  Thanks everyone for all of your support.  More to come soon.


5 Responses to “Please call Senate Resource Committee”

  1. jo bunny Says:

    i just saw this posted on R.T.Fitch’s website….thought it would be worth sharing here….

    read the article about former Senator Conrad Burns

  2. Roxy Says:

    I am not able to call – could you please also post an e-mail address for the Senate Resource Committee?

    Also, just a week or so ago, Cloud was on the first page of PBS “Other Recent Stories”, now doesnt’ start until 6th page – Id I’m notmistaken everytime you open a PBS show on the internet, it moves it up this list – lets get it back on the front page – specifically I think “Are Horse Roundups Necessary”, and “The Cloud blog”. Any other ideas?

    And, yes above interview with Burns a necessity on your read list. He closes with “I’m still on the Green side of the pasture”. I supppose any number of things could be read into that – like, say, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks, Jo B. He doesn’t care a fig for horses. Mar

  4. jan sterling Says:

    been emailing people to email people to get word out – anyway saw on news today that many things going on in wash this weekend – meetings of countries at the un in new york, president to be there, and congress getting hit with health care bill

    has anyone from any horse group read the ROAM bill thoroughly so no senator like burns did in 2004, attach anything that would take away the effectiveness of the bill and has anyone ever contacted Meg Whitman – she started ebay – dont know if she likes horses but its worth a try

    • CStone Says:

      Yes, absolutely! the Honorable Senator Robert C. Byrd of WV is a LONG-TIME supporter of the wild horses, and HE read, reread, & introduced several minor, and major, wording changes to the House-bill, before He sponsored it to the Senate. At 92 years old, the well-known Constitutional scholar [& Supreme “stickler” for correct wording]; he’s been at this a LONG time!– indeed, he’s SUCH a loyal supporter, that he actually argued for & SIGNED the original 1971 bill!
      And he has sponsored or co-sponsored close to EVERY remotely- related legislation since that one! (as well as, virtually ALL anti-animal-cruelty bills). So, I’m positive that there are NO WORD TRICKS in this one! […Yet==it’s not out of the Subcommitte, though]
      It was his “colleage” from WV, Congressman Rahall that sponsored ROAM in the House; along with the anti-slaughter & transport bills of last year– teamed up with Congressman Grijalva. They were the ones who wrote the great, scathing letter last fall, demanding that BLM STOP all consideration of the “euthanasia option”, and asked for the formal GAO investigation. [little doubt that much of this sentiment, if not wording, was learned from & consulted with Sen. Byrd?!]

      However, our Wild Horses’ most LOYAL “Friend on the Hill” has been quite ILL, in the hospital this week! He was just released yesterday; and I fear that he may NOT be recovered enough to attend the BLM mtg in Arlington, or the “Mustangs on the Hill” presentation 😦
      So, please– offer an extra PRAYER for Senator BYRD, along with your prayers for the Wild Horses? I’ve a strong feeling, he’ll Crawl in there, if necessary– when it’s Finally time to VOTE the ROAM act into law! & he will speak with you on the 29th, if at all possible.

      Although, I can’t personally buy or adopt even 1 of these magnificent souls, I have been very PROUD to live in gorgeous West Virginia, and to vote for / support these 2 leaders of the fight!

      (our other reps also follow with their unwavering support, EXcept for 1— (her story speaks for itself, though!)

      So good LUCK and Love to you all— today, and next week!
      May the Great Creator “rein down” support, strength, and love on Grumpy (noble Raven’s love), Conquistador, Mystery, BO, Sierra, Evita, Trigger, Stiles, Meeteetse, Mae West, Moshi, Shane, and my favorite ‘youngsters’ RAIN, Cassidy, and Sand, — and all the horses, of course!!!–(I’m just SO sorry we couldn’t do more, fast enough!)
      Plus, the Great Creator “rein-down” extra, extra strength & support for ALL of YOU fighting for them or caring for them, (and Sen. Byrd)– that the Ethical, Moral, Correct pathways WILL win out, this time— for ALL time!

      with All my heart,
      C.Stone, Morgantown, West Virginia!

      p.s. Please, please, please don’t LET them take Grumpy or Conquistador away?!?
      And the lucky Soul that adopts Rain– may you be extra gentle and wise, until you win her trust & loyalty!

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