Request from Ginger

Hello all-

We are back from WY/MT but continue our fight to save Cloud’s herd from Colorado. Just a reminder, please don’t share people’s private home phone numbers on this site.

But, do share your thoughts and please do what you can to keep up the momentum of our campaign to make a difference for all our mustangs still lucky enough to be roaming free.  The BLM would very much like for us to fold up our tents and go home. But that is not going to happen!!



14 Responses to “Request from Ginger”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    My tent is as sturdy as ever and the flag is flying full mast. “CHARGE”!!!!!!

  2. Barb Beck Says:

    Keeping the calls and prayers going.

  3. Laura Says:

    WHERE are all the MOVIE STARS?? Why does it always seem to fall on the shoulders of the small guys?

  4. R.T. Fitch Says:

    You ALL are stars, very bright ones, indeed.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We have the power to make change and it is the little guy who stands up that makes the difference. I know all of us are the difference. For the horses. Mar

  6. Heike Borker Says:

    The BML must release the older horses from the Pryor Mountain roundup!!!! It is cruel and nonsensical to remove Grumpy, 21 year old mare, Conquistador, a 19-year-old band stallion, and the 11 other horses over ten years old.
    Clouds herd need the wisdom of the older horses!!! It’s realy unaceptable what the BML does every year!

  7. Detlev Müller Says:

    We have to make a diffrence!!!
    They must release the older horses of the prior montains immediately! The other horses need their wisdom to find water and food in the mountains!
    It’s cruel and unaceptable to remove the old mares, stallions and fillys apart of their family!!!So it’s neccesary to reform the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program!
    greatings from germany

  8. Jude Says:

    After seeing Cloud turn and face a helicopter with defiance, I KNOW WE can STAND STRONG with him. God still walks in HIS creation.

  9. Lyn Gilbert Says:

    Hay, everybody…

    just adding my prayers here from PA…

    All Love
    Padme A’Tea (Lyn Gilbert)

  10. jan eaker Says:

    I am more resolved than ever, am going on the 26th to the adoption event in Mequon, WI, will email comments to the contact, continue to contact the committee and white house, I am NOT going anywhere but will continue to fight for these horses.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Jan Eaker:

      Adoption event in Mequon, Wisconsin? On the 26th? Please tell me more information!!!

      My email address is

      I am going to the community open forum being conducted by Senator Russ Feingold on Friday, September 18th. It is in Milwaukee. I can tell you more if you like! It is open to the community and free of charge. I will use my time at the microphone to promote ROAM, talk about releasing the older Pryor Mustangs in pens, promote the Prevention of Cruelty to Equines bill and reversing the hideous Burns Amendment. I have this written down in a format of 2 minutes so that I speak quickly in confidence. I will also take along the facts all typed up for Senator Feingold to review on his own.

      Writing down my question & thoughts is what I should have done prior to my call on the call-in internet radio show Ginger Kathrens was on 2 weeks ago!


  11. Jeanne Says:

    Ginger, can you testify before Congress in order to garner support of the ROAM Act? She most certainly has enough evidence to prove that the wild horses of our nation should remain free forevermore. Congress needs to witness, firsthand, the horrific abuse that was inflicted upon Cloud’s Magnificent Herd by the BLM as well as the corruption which permeates the agency from within!

    Our voices NEED to be heard!

  12. Deborah Says:

    Letters, faxes and phone calls going out and prayers going up. I will not give up – folding up my tent is not an option!

  13. Phyllis Says:

    Thank yu for keeping us all informed. The more we know, the more we can help by passing the word. They more we learn about these wild horses, the more respect people have for them. They are not just animals. What ever we need to do is what we will do. These horses represent all of us. They are the spirit of America, not jus the West. We came here with a spirt to be free, and we also wish to remain that way. These horses are a symbol for all of us… freedom, courage respect, strength . With the cause getting stronger, we will prevail. Look at the success of finding a place for the older horses from the Pryor round-up and allowing them to remain free ( as can be for now). The change in their faces is unbelievable.

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