Preview of New Program: “Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions”

Stay inspired… here is a preview of the new Cloud program to premiere on PBS’s Nature series, Sunday, October 25th nationwide. 

Watch preview here

Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions program flier


20 Responses to “Preview of New Program: “Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions””

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Allowing us to continue to learn about individual horses has improved our chances of helping all of them. It is a wonderful experience meeting them through your work, Ginger, and this new show has become bittersweet before it has been shown, for the removal of so many of the horses. Thanks for letting us know them. Mar

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Would it be possible for you to add a message in the program in regards to the current round ups? I know that the show does not air until October, but it would be great if it had an update, May be as a “coming up” or may be at the end.
    We can’t wait until next season to let the public know what happened to the herd. What about preparing a piece to air about your presence in Washington?
    It’s beyond being part of a show, it’s being part of history.
    Just wondering.

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    There are 30,000 horses in BLM holding who beginning in November 2009 may be mass-removed to slaughter over the borders or mass-euthanized.

    something must be done right now for those horses if at all possible.

    The above letter only underscores the need for speed in these matters for these precious horses.

    • Kathleen Schaaf Says:

      What we can all do is send letters of protest to any official on any level anywhere. There are many stats on the internet to refer to regarding the proposed “disposal” of these Mustangs.

      The BLM needs to deal with the actual excess animals currently in holding facilities, not round up more. It does not make sense.

      Out of control government spending and our budget crisis, could actually be an advantage to saving the horses.

      The BLM needs to stop wasting our tax dollars rounding up horses that don’t NEED to be rounded up right now or at all. It does not make sense.

      We need media attention! Look at what the Tea Party movement has done. Email, write letters, blog, tweet, do WHATEVER it takes!

      We have got to believe we can make a difference.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      RT Fitch, Madeleine Pickens and many others are uncertain that the numbers of mustangs on burros in BLM holding pens is still at the 33,000 head counted in November of 2008. It is speculated that the BLM has been secretly shipping them out slowly to Mexico for slaughter. The BLM refuses to disclose a current headcount.

      There is not a snowball’s chance in hades that I believe the BLM would provide even the most basic care for the 33,000 head while endless red tape is haggled over with Madeleine Pickens, the BLM and the US government. I don’t care how much they ‘claim’ that 3/4 of their budget last year was spent caring for mustangs and burros in holding pens. Anyone with any type of power or authority over the 33,000 head will try to take advantage of the Burns Amendment or any other loop hole open.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        This a.m. I send emails to my state humane society and the aspca on this issue. The public must be alerted to this.

        These are healthy horses — or were!

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        livestock reports (from ag dept or reporting agencies) will have numbers of horses shipped across the borders for slaughter.
        Las Cruces, New Mexico is one such “port” of no return.

  4. Laura & Carl Says:

    We can hardly wait!

  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s the text of my emails:
    The Bureau of Land Management currently holds approx. 30,000 horses. These are horses which have been moved off of public lands following the gutting of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act by Congressman Burns (Burns amendment). During the Geo W. Bush years, this removal has increased. It continues in an aggressive way, and the expected mortality rate during each and every roundup is approximately 3%.

    One year ago November 1st, a decision was made to postpone planned permanent removal of these horses. The Bureau of Land Management has discussed euthanasia, however, there is some word, unconfirmed, that the horses may be being massed in Texas and Montana to prepare them for trips to Mexico and Canada’s slaughterhouses.

    The House of Representatives passed H.R. 1018 (The R.O.A.M. Act) this spring, and the bill has been sponsored in the Senate, S.B. 1579, where it is in a subcommittee waiting to be marked up. There is a great deal of pressure, and will continue to be, on Washington and all our congresspersons to bring this to a vote and get it to the Senate Floor. It would do many things, and one thing it would do is stop the aggressive roundups and save the 30,000+ horses that the BLM has in government holding pens in various parts of the country.

    This is a Federal Agency. This is everybody’s tax dollars. New rules of the Burns Amendment allowed the BLM to “cull” all horses 10 years and over, who weren’t adopted to be sent directly to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. A 10 year old free-roaming “mustang” is in the prime of its life, as they are a very tough and independent species.

    My concern is the 30,000+ horses who will be permanently removed by this run-away agency, the BLM.

    Any further information you need on this can be provided. In the letter it mentions the hiring of a federally indicted contractor, Catoor, to carry out the helicopter roundups. Please read that carefully.

    Here is a letter I have been writing about this problem to congressmen, senators, Salazar (head of the Dept. of the Interior) and to each and every member of the subcommittee that will mark up this bill.

    This appears to be a “regional issue. I don’t agree. It is a national issue when the Interior Department permanently removes to slaughter or euthanasia 30,000 healthy horses, just because of the gross mismanagement and gutting of the protection for these animals accomplished by Burns Amendment.

    This is an issue that needs to be brought out and acted upon by November 2009. IF the Senate cannot pass the bill in that time, these horses are doomed.

    What I would like from you are any contacts that I can pursue in the Rescues and Investigations nationwide that are able to consider this problem and take action independent of the Bureau of Land Management. To, AT A MINIMUM, get this word out to the general public. I would also like you to consider publicizing this matter in some way, shape or form, even if individually.
    (I included a copy of my letter I sent to congress et al)

  6. Cedric Says:

    For those that don

  7. Kathleen Schaaf Says:

    I am located near Dayton Ohio and am trying to raise local awareness to the proposed removal and discussed euthanasia of our Mustangs and burros. I’m wondering if Canon USA, Inc. “proud sponsor” of the Nature Series is aware of this horrific issue? What about PBS? I’m working on letters to both entities. I will post email addresses and post responses if I get any. Keep it up ladies.

  8. Deborah Says:

    Is anything being done about the Auction of the Pryor Herd in Britton Springs, MT on September 26? I have not seen much info on the auction, yet I have been letting everyone know out here…

    Sending love and light to all the wild Equine…may they roam free forever

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    JF, We will keep at this, I won’t quite. I will do all I can. The adoptions have begun, any publicity they garner we need to follow up with letters to the editor concerning what is really happening to the horses and we need an investigation into the holding of horses. If we can, maybe Canada and Mexico will give us figures on horses being brought in. This all must change, to the betterment of America and these wild horses and burros. As it stands this is a national shame. If people can go after dog fighting then they can go after roundups and the abuse of the American Wild Horse.

  10. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Don’t forget to take your box of tissues to the above preview of “Cloud, Challenge of the Stallions”. How do you get tears off a computer keyboard?

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      We just watched Cloud’s Legacy at home this week, and I realize that there is a “gap” in my ability to trace the horses to present time!

      I wonder how many generations/+BLM roundups there have been since Cloud’s Legacy was filmed??? I looked at the 2 page list of horses sold at the Britton Springs adoption event, and can’t trace the horses from the video. Maybe on October 25, 2009, when the new “Cloud, Challenge of the Stallions” airs, there will be more updating to link from the “Cloud’s Legacy” film. Also the Pryor Mustang Center has names that differ, but tries to cross-reference with Cloud’s names. . . .

  11. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here goes Martha Stewart riding in the mountains with Ted Turner. How do you contact Martha. Maybe she could help.

  12. New Cloud Program on PBS- Sunday, Evening Oct. 25th- Spread the Word! « Says:

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  14. lee chesterfield Says:

    Ted Turner , Martha Stewart. Carolyn Kennedy, Monty Roberts are all horse people. I have tried to contact all but haven’t any reply. . Does anyone know how to reach then? Monty Roberts had a great book about a mustang. “Shy Boy”

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