Roundup of Cloud’s Herd youtube

Thank you Sandy Elmor


8 Responses to “Roundup of Cloud’s Herd youtube”

  1. R.T. Fitch Says:

    Sandy is a very special lady who’s heart is as big as all of Montana. It was a sincere pleasure to have her join us and to meet the woman who fought so hard to keep horse slaughter out of Montana.

    Great job Sandy.

    R.T. and Terry

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      We all heartily second that!

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I will third your admiration of Sandy. Along with you, Ginger, Makendra, Valerie Kennedy, Carol, the Lakota Indians, the Crow Indians, etc.

      I learned 3 years ago of the Lakota horse being brought back from near extinction. I was blessed to become a friend of a Lakota man. We exchange a saddle for his foster son.


  2. Kay O'Neil Says:

    Remember how the Native Americans “stole” the horses from Lewis and Clark’s expedition and set them free? I believe there are 30,000 horses that need the same consideration.

    Now THAT would get OBAMA’S attention. Just turn them out. . .

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thank you, you are keeping people inspired and informed around the world. Mar

  4. Cathy Halbesma Says:

    Thanks to Sandy and Ginger and every other person on the front lines bringing us documentation of this roundup and ways we can help the wild horses of America. Your dedication is an inspiration and I applaude your courage. I hope, with all my heart, that it will bring about awareness and a better life for these beautiful animals.

  5. Steven Garman Says:

    I live in the Challis HMA area and was one of 3 people that witnessed the BLM round up this year. I, along with another photographer and my wife Bonnie hiked in and got still images of the whole event. If I can offer any of these images to the Cloud Foundation to further the protection of these animals I would be happy to do so. My email address is:

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks Steve, They are very busy but youshould get some copies or have them on a cd and send it to them anyway. The photos that people have taken in the field often find a use. I will write you and say this in case you are not subscribed.
    Thanks for your sharing, mar

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