London Times Article

“These horses are our history and our freedom”

-Sandy Crumb, Horse Rescue Advocate


6 Responses to “London Times Article”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The Times article has said that the lame foal was not injured in the roundup. I have told them the reality that it was driven ten miles and is three weeks old. I do not know if they will publish my comment or not. I did a short version in hopes they will print it online. Mar

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      I saw comments, too, that indicated no horses were injured. Uhmmm … isn’t laming horses “injuring” them?

      The videos clearly show lame horses. How can the BLM get away with saying that none of the horses were hurt?

  2. H McDaniel Says:

    Well there is documented evidence that they can hardly walk…I just saw the video. blm is doing this while they can before the ROAM act has a chance to pass…

  3. H McDaniel Says:

    I think we should set up a “calling tree” to make sure thaty they get a Lot of calls!! We could round robin call them and really make some noise!!

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    I know it wasn ‘t a perfect article, BUT, I was so glad for the exposure some caring reporter decided to print. It’s a very good start . I give the reporter & editor credit for taking on a story that hundreds of American media in TV, radio, newspaper and magazine refused to give merit to. My own local TV stations would not even listen what I had to say, though I intelligently stated facts, crediable sources, locations and the shared public outcry.

    I think this article even did more good than the Montana Gazette ( NO offense intended to the woman on this blog who worked diligently with the Montana Gazette many times for the 2 stories printed. Her efforts are worthy, true and sincere).

    I have been contacting ‘famous’ people I have conversed with before through internet sites. Just one answered my plea for help. I was thrilled to pieces. He is on the east coast. I told him all the facts on planned events in Washington and Arlington.

    It just takes one voice crying out from the wilderness. This all started with a big hearted woman going into a no-man’s land on assignment, who fell in love with the object of her work. Her passion brought world wide attention, which only enhanced the work of so many advocates already toiling for decades behind the scenes for our beloved American Mustangs and desert burros.

    I wonder what the alternative outcome would have been last November/December if Madeleine Pickens and her husband has not stepped into the picture. Could the secret plans of the BLM been carried out? (Again, NO offense intended towards other hardworking advocates giving voices to equines all over this country).

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    It took a long time to discover that little Adalina had been run up on the mountain and that they were up there and saw her, london times.. mar

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