Release Photos

Cloud snakes his mares who want to go back to their daughters

Cloud snakes his mares who want to go back to their daughters

Cloud and band released2 - Makendra Silverman-The Cloud Foundation 9-9-2009


Cloud and band released3 - Makendra Silverman-The Cloud Foundation 9-9-2009

Cloud and band released- on ridge2 - Makendra Silverman-The Cloud Foundation 9-9-2009


Cloud and band released- on ridge - Makendra Silverman-The Cloud Foundation 9-9-2009



Cloud's mother- released!

Cloud's mother- released!


33 Responses to “Release Photos”

  1. Winnie Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you..these are the most beautiful images of freedom. I am seeiing the same image for Conquistador, Grumpy and the others….that day will come soon.

    • Winnie Says:

      Let’s hope they will never have to go through this ever ever again! It should have never happened…they deserve much better. Thank you TCF and all those involved for being their voice and our eyes in keeping is updated.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    These are very vivid images, and Cloud’s mother running free is beautiful. She had a spring foal didn’t she? Mar

  3. Anne Caumont Says:

    What a Horse… !!

  4. sabinalouisepierce Says:

    awesome photos!! and its horrible they took Grumpy Grulla.. 21.. ?? did they give nay reason???


  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Grumpy Grulla is one of the Forest Service horses who were all removed, and Ginger talks about above. Help Ginger return the Forest Service horses with donations to the Freedom Fund. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Grumpy Grulla. These older horses are but a handful. Please let them go back to live their lives out anywhere they damn well please.

      • Cynthia Says:

        Is it possible to adopt or buy a horse and release it onto the wild?

      • thecloudfoundation Says:

        Unfortunatly not! The BLM would just round them up again. Wish it could be that easy. Here are some other action plan ideas! Best, Makendra

        Action PLAN 9-15-09

        Ask for the release of the older horses and reform of the BLMs Wild Horse and Burro Program, fax your comments as well:

        1. White House Switchboard 202-456-1414 (fax: 202-456-2461)

        Email here Ask for Senior Advisors: Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. Ask for Michelle Obama too, her office is receiving a tremendous number of calls and they need to continue.

        Call your Senators switchboard 202-224-3121 and ask that they support S1579, The Restore our American Mustang (ROAM) Act

        Call the Senate Committee of Natural Resources 202-224-4971 (fax 202-224-6163) Email here. ask that they push the ROAM Act through immediately it must go up for a vote soon in the Senate

        President Obama 202-456-1111

        Vice President Biden 202-456-9000

        Billings BLM: 406-896-5000

        2. Tie yourself to this issue and press your local media to cover this story!

        3. Join us Mustangs on the Hill

        Please join us and many others at the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting in Arlington, VA on September 28th (click here for information). Make your voice heard and then join us in DC on the hill for meetings the following day. Their hoofbeats need to be heard in Washington DC! More details to follow

      • Winnie Says:

        Can the foundation adopt on my behalf (in my name) and I will reqlinquish over to the foundation since you mentioned there is land available. I am really concern about the horses being put up for adoption as there may be people who don’t have the knowledge about wild horses and are being whimsical, or act out on emotions without thinking about the responsibilities (money & time)of owning a wild horse.

        Please let me know if there is a way for the foundation to adopt on my behalf for the ones they don’t plan to adopt I am in Calif and very interested in adopting but think it would be totally unfair and traumatizing for the horse to transport such a long way. (they’ve traumatized enough already)
        I am willing to do whatever I can to help.

      • Winnie Says:


        I am followoing the acton plan but please let me know about my request.


  6. Karen L. Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Especially interesting are those of Cloud snaking his mares! Give to Ginger’s Freedom Fund now!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      How do you give to the Freedom Fund. through the Donations link?

      • Karen L. Says:

        Yes, we gave via that link on the evening it was posted. If you go back to the older pages of this blog, there is the Freedom Fund entry paragraph and a ‘donations’ area to “click on”. Although I’m sure you could donate through the donations link on the Cloud Foundation home page as well. We designated ours for the Fund. I know Ginger will be grateful for any amount!

  7. Mary Says:

    All the stufff being said about the Pryor Mountain Mustangs are lies. The herd is not too big, they are not sick and starving just as Ginger has always stated. This herd did not need to be gathered. The BLM and the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center along with the Pryor Mountain Mustang Breeders Association there work together and the breeders association has convinced the BLM that they can stop the rounds up from being necessary in the future by means of breeding out certain gene pools.

    I have asked them what they have done to stop this from happening? Well the answer was NOTHING!! They wanted this done as much as the BLM. They could very well have convinced the BLM to stop this round up, but it is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED so you can bet your boots that this will happen again in just a few years, probably about 2012. The last round up of this same herd was in 2006.

    The BLM removes them and the Breeders Association adds in the ones that they feel are fit. Does the BLM stop them from bringing in new horses when they have just removed so many?? NO, because they are working together. Do not be fooled !!! You can ask why would the breeders association care about this so much?? MONEY, it is that simple. They are trying to breed a special rare spanish mustang and they also want to make it to where you can only get a mustang through a breeder.

  8. Janet Ferguson Says:

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Thanks so much for this link. You understand deeply the need for uniting & caring for one another. Much more so, our need for prayer to the Creator, Author and Master of this world that remains in His divine control. Though we love every precious animal soul given to us as gifts, it is our relationship with people that have eternal value.

      I could not get past the first few frames or lines. I immediately flashed to the scene in mother’s hospital room in ICU. I held her hand so tightly for hours straight, praying & talking with her, until I was forced to let her hand go so she could take the hand of the Lord walking her Home. It has been less than a year since that night. Much peace and pain has been eased by wrapping my arms around a comforting creature. They just know what I am dealing with, never ask me to talk about it and don’t mind if my tears get them wet.

      I have been working hard to sell some belongings since the round up began so I could send money to The Cloud Foundation, in hopes of helping them adopt or buy whatever Mustangs are not released. I anxiously wait for the day I bring my first Mustang home. My Mom would be so proud of me. She was my greatest horsewoman influence. She actually worked a ranch in Montana as a young woman and showed those ol’ cowboys a thing or two!

      I have been really glad to meet you Janet F.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I’m so sorry you lost your Mom. You seems to be carrying on her love of horses in a very real way. You are blessed twice.

  9. Eleanor Van Natta Says:

    Beautiful freedom shots but also bittersweet, knowing the mares were leaving their young behind and the herd(s) broken up.

  10. jo bunny Says:

    I keep playing these images of the last couple of days over in my mind & I wonder……..How would those folks in the BLM like it if THEY were gathered with all of their extended family members early one morning & were then all run 10 or 12 miles at a fast pace down rugged mountain terrain in searing summer heat? Of course, some of them would be barefoot so that they could get the idea of what it’s like for those little foals whose hooves haven’t yet hardened….& they were all put into pens, had handfuls of hair yanked out of their manes, all their wives, sisters, mothers, daughters shot up with contraceptives & sterililzed,….sticks poked at them through the bars of the corrals, paddles slapping them on the backs & plastic bags swinging at them every time they tried to turn around…….faced with separation & then have it decided who got to go home, who got to stay, not giviing a care in the world that their families were ripped apart & some of them were sent off to death sentences. How do you think that they would feel? What a lack of compassion. What a total disrespect of nature & the world around us.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Jo Bunny:

      The humans involved in all the corruption behind these illegal and destructive round ups don’t think like you and I (and many other folks). They have lost awareness that living creatures of flesh & blood have brains programmed with instinct for their purpose in this grand universe. In Noah’s time, God called the animals into the Ark that had ‘the breath of life’ in them. Uneducated men classify the animals as non essential beasts which need domination and control from the human world. I am sure you have heard someone say “So what. It’s just a stupid animal”. You and I could never understand that mentality. However, we could win a few towards our mentality of treating the animal kingdom as gifts needing respect. Man was given dominon over the animal kingdom to be a good steward of.

      I hope this helps you understand more about ill thinking mankind & why they don’t understand us! It’s all about a higher thought proces, choosing intelligence and have a ‘big picture’ way of life.

      Ginger’s mentality, wisdom and mannerism is why I admire her so much. She is operating on such a high level of maturity and communication skills with man and animal.

  11. Jude Says:

    Does anyone know what has happened to the foal that was so lame?

    I wrote Mary Erickson, Acting Forest Supervisor-Custer National Forest to tell BLM to release Grumpy Grulla and the older Pryor Mountain Horses. She said only the BLM has the authority to make these kinds of decisions.”On the National Forest, we are bound to only allow horses on the range (as defined in the 1971 act) and to help monitor range conditions and insure land stewardship. We requested a gather of horses on the national forest which were outside the legal range. However, we are supportive of horses returning to the national forest lands that are part of the legal range.”
    How likely is it that the Cloud Foundation can purchase Grumpy Grulla and the older horses before anyone else gets them? Is is possible to file a lawsuit because of this roundup being conducted illegally because of Dave Cattoor?

    • Karen L. Says:

      Ginger will do everything possible to obtain the forest land horses. I would think it is quite likely that she will prevail with purchasing these particular animals.

      Interesting idea about a lawsuit relating to Cattoor. Maybe call the foundation and suggest it?

  12. HeatherinNS Says:

    You know, I’ve probably said this before, but it seems the height of arrogance, and the BLM has completely thumbed it’s nose at the world in general and the people of the US in particular, by taking horses from this particular, very well known herd. “Look what we can do- and you can’t stop us!” And people couldn’t, though the effort was valiant.

    Something else really concerns me. I’ve spent a great deal of time reading the Pryor Mountain blog, and Matt’s account of what transpired. I was in his corner at first, but that has changed, because he’s either deluded or has been vetted to report things just so.
    He’s basically said- A well done round-up with very few incidents. A much needed thing. Cloud’s bloodline is well represented by the horses left behind, yada yada. What concerns me other than the obvious, is that others will read his blog and THINK the BLM isn’t too bad, they are humane, no horses were killed or hurt, etc. And not show up when there’s another round-up- on Pryor or wherever the next “GATHER” is- and woe to the horses then! Then they’ll REALLY be run-down, hogtied, killed, maimed, etc. Shipped to slaughter if over 10- and NO ONE will KNOW! That scares me, having looked at many accounts and pictures of round-ups in the recent past when all those things happened.

    I also worry tremendously that some one who has no horse experience, and certainly no mustang experience- decides to adopt from this very famous herd- just to have something to show off. That really concerns me. “I own Cloud’s brother!” as he is shown off to the world by some spoiled kid who doesn’t know how to halter, let alone care for- a wild horse. Then, after the novelty wears off or they’ve been kicked in the head a few times, the horse starts the long spiral down the slaughter pipeline. That happens, every day.

    I’m looking forward to a cohesive plan by the Cloud Foundation to purchase the older horses- no- they can’t go home, but hopefully they can go somewhere, as a family.
    Wish I could adopt- but the cost to send a horse to Canada would be prohibitive- and I think I know my limitations. While I’ve trained all my horses for the past 30 odd years- I’m pretty sure a mustang would bruise me in ways I can’t afford to be bruised!

    Thank you to everyone and do not give up this fight!

    • jo bunny Says:

      I think that Matt did a fine job. If he wasn’t there FOR the horses, then who would have been??? Remember, Elyse was there whenever the BLM would let her in, but that was only a part of the time that the roundps were going on. Matt was allowed a closer & more consistent access by the BLM & he was there to insure that each band & harem was properly matched, & that there were as few mixups in the “whos’ who” of the horses (you don’t think that the BLM gave a flying #$@% about how they grouped horses in those corrals, do you?). From what I can tell, Matt worked his butt off trying to make things as LESS stressful in the given situation as he could. Had he not been there, there would certainly have been more stress & trauma.
      As for the comment that he wrote about “few incidents” is probably coming from the fact that he has seen a lot worse roundups in the past. Did you listen to Ginger’s interview on the WFL endangered live radio the other night? Apparently she has witnessed some hideous atrocities in previous roundups (horses being ripped apart, one of the BLM wrangler’s horses whose neck was snapped, bait traps that lured not only the horses but also the wildcats that prey on the horses & a foal was attacked, etc etc etc). So, in looking at this from a standpoint of RELATIVITY, this round up wasn’t AS AWFUL as previious round ups (the BLM was trying to be on its best behaviour because of all the notoriety, weren’t they?) Yes, I am on board with you 100% that the BLM round ups are ATROCIOUS & INHUMANE & that they should be stopped, but at least THIS particular roundup had RELATIVELY few problems when compared to all of their previous roundups.
      & yes, saying that, it doesn’t make the little foal’s feet feel any better. it doesn’t excuse the BLM of their practices, it doesn’t make Flint’s heart any lighter at his loss. It doesn’t make Cloud’s mom any happier about her loss. i’m just saying that it could have been worse, & I think that this is what Matt was trying to say, too.
      & as for Matt’s continued use of the word “gather,” I would imagine that’s the lingo of his profession, kind of like a doctor uses technical or scientific words (scapula for shoulder blade, clavicle for collar bone) that aren’t particularly the lay person’s lingo; or kinda like how policemen have their own lingo when talking about police activities. When you work with or have some connection to dealing with the government, & alllllll its paperwork & manuals & handbooks & 5 part forms, you get caught up in using their terminology, too.
      I really think that Matt feels a great sense of loss & is himself sad about a lot of the events. He certainly has noticed a different atmosphere & attitude when he went back up to the mountains to check on the horses who were released. I don’t feel that Matt is the kind of guy to allow himself to be overrun with emotions & is probably a more matter of fact guy, but I do feel that he is dealing with his own grief & sadness over what has occurred there. He has been watching over these guys for a while now, working on their geneology, getting to know these horses on a level more intimate than we can even imagine.
      I would like to offer my gratitude to him AND to his dad, who BOTH signed up to VOLUNTEER to go down there & work with those idiots at the BLM. I cannot imagine that that was an easy task for him to do on MANY levels! More than anything, I am grateful that he was there to bear witness for those horses whose lives were being ripped apart. I’m glad that he was there to watch over them as best as he could. I’m glad that he was there to minimize the chaos & the trauma as much as possible. I for one would like to shake his hand for doing what he did. While this was an awful & tragic event, he did what he could to lessen the damage. My hat goes off to him…..

  13. HeatherinNS Says:

    Edit to add, I will make a donation before the adoption day deadline, small, but many small ones may add up to enough to free some of the older mares and stallions.

  14. Cynthia Says:

    Anyone knows how the foal is doing?
    What about the general health of the horses?

    • jo bunny Says:

      rt fitch just posted something about the general health of the horses…..go to his blog & read……

      i’m also wondering how the stallions who lost mares & foals are doing, especially Flint….that handsome, lovely Flint. i know that stallions (& all horses, really)who have gone through this kind of family destruction grieve the loss of their families & end up depressed as a result.

      • Roxy Says:

        I have asked that question before – about the horses mourning.

        Is it just an immediate response, or does it go on for hours or days?

        I’m remembering Blue Sue and Red Raven.

  15. belladaze Says:

    Ginger, I am just taking a moment to thank you for all your compassion and immense hard work. Cloud will always hold a special place in my heart and it was you who put him there. Thank you!

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

  17. Madalynne Says:

    ok is it possible to like buy the horses and return them back into the wild cause thats what i would do if i bought one.oh and does the BLM have right to kill some of the horses?

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