Senate Bill to Support

Please call your Senators today and resquest that they support S1579 the ROAM  Act to improve protections and improve the management of our wild horses by calling your State Senators and enlisting friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

More photos soon.

info about S1579

Visit the American Welfare Institute’s website for information on this bill.


21 Responses to “Senate Bill to Support”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks for this info, I sent emails to Bennet and Udall with info to cosponsor Bill to end Slaughter. Very easy to do. Hope everyone does this. Mar

  2. jan eaker Says:

    emailed both my senators today, will call their offices tomorrow as well, keep up the pressure!

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    SB 1579 “as introducted”

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Please stay up on changes to the bill: ex:, here is a website article from the wild horse warriers blog. When I first read it, I sent it to Laura Allen at ***** It speaks about the changes the opposition is trying to slip into

      SB 1579 ****** ALERT ***** ALERT ***** ALERT ******

      This must be watched very carefully. But first, the bill must be debated and that is the first step to getting it to the Senate floor for a vote.

      Information is available on the web, right down to what person voted how for each bill — it is there. I will try to put up more links.

      “Roll calls” happen sometimes multiple times during these debates. It can be very confusing. However, the committees have their own websites and these final tallies are always published. Need to know who is who.

      May the force be with you.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        The blog with the article is:

        Maybe you’all already are familiar with it but here it is for those who are not familiar with it.

  4. Marya Zubaty Says:

    “I have seen things so beautiful, that they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet, none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free.”

    – Please everyone, work hard and pray for Cloud, his herd and America’s Precious Wild Horses!

  5. Joni Says:

    It was easy once I figured out that the links were to the left of the main area of the page — here is my tweet about it: Animal Welfare Action Alerts : help animals while online –

  6. Morgan Williams Says:

    Thanks, once again, for another update on this blog. I want to be in step with the fight for the American Mustangs and Burros remaining on American public lands. I have located the phone numbers for every senator, congress person and rep for my state and will begin working first thing in the morning again.

    It is very hard to sit still and not know exactly what is going on with the Pryor Mt. herds in the cold, lonely, desolate BLM pens right now. Another night as fallen and they stand confused and frustrated. Their bodies are held in prison while their instincts are causing torment. They cannot run. They cannot hide. They cannot gather up their families. They cannot rest. I take comfort in the fact that Ginger & all others on location (or at home bases) continue to work tirelessly on plan #b or plan #c or plan #d. Whatever it takes.

    Many times during the day today, I felt like busting out crying. I have suspected for sometime (along with others) that the 33,000 head in BLM holding pens around the west have not been safe since the supposed ‘hold on action’ in December of 2008. On the prior page of this blog, I see others also discussing the secret shipping of those Mustangs and small desert Burros to Mexico and Canada for illegal slaughter which is feeding the billion dollar international horse meat industry. The BLM is refusing to give an accurate headcount. I have seen photos & video of the slaughter houses, forcing myself to see the truth and build the fire in my soul to fight harder. It is the most ugly, wicked, evil, senseless organized business I have seen after the hideous crimes committed against innocent women & children worldwide (such as sex slave trade).

    Dear Almighty and Great Father in Heaven. We continue to plead and pray for Your mercy, Your wisdom and Your power.

    Forgive me if I offend, but I hope everyone who purposely chooses to dine on illegally marketed horse meat finds no pleasure, fulfillment, nourishment or satisfaction whatsoever on the meal. I hope their bodies reject the meal to the utmost something can be rejected from the human body. However, spare the unknowning persons fed such as a child.

    This has been one of the most fierce battles I have ever been involved with in my lifetime. I am thankful to be a small part. For me, this has been like a march around Jerico to rightfully take back and to build courage for the gain of much more necessary ground. This ordeal has showed me so many Mustang and Burro issues I was ignorant about.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yes, Morgan, this is somewhat like Joshua fighting the battle of Jericho; maybe even more like David and Goliath? There are some strong senior members of the Senate on the Natural Resources Committee, and they will hopefully get S.1579 to the floor for a vote intact. Of course, Robert Byrd (D) is the sponsor of this bill, and John McCain (R) is an advocate for wild horses. The fight is not about partisanship; it is about advocacy!

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        I did not know John McCain was an advocate. I feel like such a moron for doubting him.

        With VP potential Sarah Palin throwing in the towel on Alaska before her work was done, I wonder how in blazes she could of coped in the White House. We will never know now.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Morgan, actually, I am basing my statement on a reply from Mr. McCain to a letter I wrote approximately a year ago. He said he understood the desire/need to rescind the Burns rider. Hopefully, he will act on this awareness as a member of the Committee as the bill moves toward the floor. (Just a clarification.)

      • Roxy Says:

        Karen, McCain is my Senator, and I hope you are right –

        but find it difficult since his VP pick likes to shoot wolves from helicopters so they can die a long and painful death.

        I’m writring him every day though.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Roxy, That whole VP “adventure” was just strange, wasn’t it? I signed a petition that was to go to Palin regarding the aerial hunting of wolves and various other animals, and added my personal remark saying, “the aerial hunting of any animal is unconscionable and cowardly.” McCain, in the past, has been the most environmentally forward of the Republicans and he is on that Senate subcommittee where S.1579 is being housed. I hope he comes through.

  7. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    For contacting Senators

  8. Karen L. Says:

    I have been reading about the bill’s provisions. First, the Burns stealth rider will be essentially nullified. Then, there are ~12 areas that address range issues and actual handling of the animals.
    1–there will be a more concise definition of “thriving ecological balance”
    2–change the wording of some “authorized activities” into “required” such as taking inventory and consistent evaluation of management practices
    3–permit the BLM to establish sanctuaries
    4–authorize the BLM to identify and appropriate ADDITIONAL RANGELAND for horses and burros
    5–require the BLM to develop and implement better fertility control
    6–makes the BLM responsible for practical options for maintaining a thriving ecological balance on the range
    7–PROHIBITS the BLM from maintaining horses in prohibitively expensive contract corrals for longer than 6 months. They must be moved to cost-effective facilities or rangelands
    8–BLM must improve its marketing strategies and give specific examples
    9–stipulates that the BLM has authority to remove animals as set forth in the original Act
    10–requires the BLM to provide additional data on management activities and the data must be more tranparent and available to the public
    11–gives the BLM ability to enter into cooperative agreements to address program deficiencies
    12–outlines specific program REPORTING REQUIREMENTS so that Congress and the public can be informed

    I thought it might be helpful to see what S.1579 actually addresses!

    • Roxy Says:

      Karen, thanks, I have had difficulties in understanding the way the bill is written “insert here” “delete there”.

      What is everyones opinion about inserting “as introduced”?

      TCF has not added this, so I have not either.

      I’d like to hear from both sides.

      I personally fear this – becuase it sounds “all or nothing”, and might backfire on us.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Roxy, Yeah, some of that “insert” and “delete” has to do with the wording changes from “authorized” to “required” I believe. The big thing is the repeal of the Burns rider. Then allowing for range expansion, and REQUIRING better marketing strategies for the “adoptees”, and REQUIRING transparency and reporting to the public are steps forward. In my letters to the Senate committee I specifically asked for those areas to be kept “strong”. With my own Senators, I’m going to be up against the Texas ranchers’ mentality….

  9. carol poole Says:

    link to BLM adoption requirements:

    Many people have asked if they can adopt etc. does anyone know if the “regular” requirements will be applied on the 26th?

  10. Roxy Says:

    “Trouble with Congress Green’ Gambet”

    I have news for those – and I have written to them before with this comment – registering as a Democarat or Repulican IS A WAY OF VOTING TOO. And I have unregistered, even changed parties for paritular issues ans swayed otherss to do the same!

    Write to Obama and your senators, if your are Democrat and tell them your registration and future voting may depend on out come of S 1579 and you are spreading the word about this.

    If you are Repulican, tell them your continuing on with them and future votes may depend on out come of S 1579 and you are spreading the word about this.

    Just thought – write to Republican and Democratic National Committees – support S 1579.

  11. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

  12. TJ Cantin Says:

    I don’t know where you folks are from…But you need to live on the range with these horses..Have for most of my life…If the Government was not involved…Which it is illegal for them to be…The ranchers would be taking up the task of managing these horses…They are getting so imbred and need to be put down or someone needs to put a good bred stud amonst them to make them worth using.Horses are not dogs or cats…They are a friend and a tool…God did not put them on this earth to be mistreated or mismanaged…Have you ever watched a horse starve to death?It is not a pretty sight…If you folks would get together with other folks who think opposite of you you may come up with a viable solution.The big problem is…The left thinks they are right…the right thinks they are right…Niether one is right until you all make it right!!

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