Video: Lame foal as a result of summer roundup

Take Action: Please call President Obama now: 202-456-1111 (or 202-456-9000)

  • Ask that the older horses slated for removal be released Ask that this herd be not taken below 150 adult animals to maintain their genetic viability 
  • Ask for increased scrutiny of the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. Our wild horses and burros need immediate change and an end to their mismanagement.

This roundup maybe over now or may finish tomorrow– please stay posted, we will be at the morning briefing and are hopeful that this operation is over.


52 Responses to “Video: Lame foal as a result of summer roundup”

  1. Nini Says:

    It’s evident that in both the Pryor Mountains and Nevada — the BLM is pushing ahead with its “final solution” before Congress reconvenes this week and before the Senate has a chance to review and vote on the ROAM Act passed by the House earlier this year. The BLM is riding roughshod over the horses, the public and the new administration. And why is Ken Salazar so silent??

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yes, Salazar has lost credibilty. This foal took the brunt of a violent action that should never have happened. The Cloud Foundation has been working around the clock in efforts to reduce numbers of removal horses and speaking up for the older horses to save their lives. I am not sure I can watch the foal. I know I must. I can only hope she will get medical attention and recover. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Where are the “braves with flaming arrows” to torch this c$%p operation????

      • Janet Ferguson Says:


      • Morgan Williams Says:


        That is a little funny, even though we don’t like to characterize any race, creed, color or nation. American’s did become indoctrinated by all the wicked western movies made by Hollywood. The native people did fight hard to save their land and nation, but they worked more fiercely for peace.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        It’s so true, Mr. Williams!

        I just got off with white house volunteer on comment line. Told them 1) indicted animal abuser in charge of roundups — and it is criminal; 2) stop roundups until S.B. ROAM ACT is debated in committee and brought to the Senate Floor for a Vote; 3) President Obama needs to pick his battles and do what he does best: Inspire Americans and work for the betterment of our free roaming horses on public lands and their welfare.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      also I told the white house comment line (a volunteer) that the techniques used in the roundups were inhumane and resulted in too much damage to the horses.

      note: These Spanish mustangs — all over the great open places of the worlds people use these big sheep guard/protectors dogs to care for their delicate flocks — such as, great pyrenees, ovcharka; also there’s the border collies. they are now using barking dogs to intimidate big bears to protect properties and people so why not use Man’s Best Friend for Mustang roundups.

      Surely the border collies are quick enough to avoid sharp hooves and teeth. Horses prefer to flee, not fight.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        If you want to see what is going on in the roundups, you have to put a camera on a trained falcon or something (llike has been already done) and have it trained to avoid the helicopter!
        It can soar and dive overhead and take great pictures which could be viewed to see the roundup better! ha.
        What about fiber optics on the range for viewing the everyday life of the horses. ha. then pickup the roundups on camera and have them broadcast real-time to EVERYBODY. HA.

      • Roxy Says:

        Janet, this is actually a reply to your following comments 6:52 –

        Fiber optics – YES – something like that – if NASA can do it why can’t wilderness be included? – could they “bird’seye” even closer on our Public Lands?

        Of course, not all of our Pulblic Lands are Public – the mineing lleases wil not want this attention.

        You said Ha, but I don’t think these are that far fetched.

        I think the horses might actually be too much for canines – but worth a try – the animal protection folks would be rihgtfully upset if any canines get injured though.

        I wish we could just leave the mountain lions and horses alone for awhile – I’m very suspicsious of this big push right now befor congress gets to the ROAM Act. See “Robert Redford BLM” UTubes – there are 2.

        And someone else wrote “where is Sheryl Crow and the other celebrities? I’d like to see BLM try yell in their faces!

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I did watch, will she be able to recover? Did she get medical attention? Mar

  4. Nini Says:

    I wonder if Ken Salazar has even gotten our “comments” when we’ve called in and we’re transferred to a BLM number. Why hasn’t he held a press conference or sent out a press release himself? Why is he letting the BLM get away with this? Or is this another “Whiteman’s treaty” coming from Washington?

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      They can’t even tell you where he is. I asked when I called Abbey’s office the other day. . .she didn’t even know where he was. . maybe he was in Washington, she said.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I emailed this very talentedd young lady to ask her to help for the horses:

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      It’s another “liar’s treaty”. I hate to use any paticular race or color when speaking of the crimes being done at this moment to the Pryor Mts herd in the protected area of Custer National Park. However, there are times I abhor the portion of me that is white european.

  5. Karin Brewer Says:

    And we just see the ones – or some of them – that made it all the way to the processing area. When can you get someone up there to check whether there are any injured horses that got left behind along that long way down?

  6. Barbara Warner Says:

    There are not words for this cruelty. The general public needs to know about the “managing for extinctioin” of our wild horses . Also the Senate must pass the ROAM Act now.

  7. Joy Guin Says:

    I don’t understand this. I watched the first time as Cloud was a baby and went from being a baby to an adult. I have a mustang mare, she was taken off the range at 6 years old along with her baby. It breaks my heart to look at her because she stands in the pasture and has that far off look in her eyes. I can only imagine what she is thinking. How I wish she could run free again. She is now 15 and her will to be free is still evident. She doesn’t like people. I just wonder what happened to her when she was caught. It takes a little time to catch her but she is the best horse you could ask for when she is haltered. But I don’t leave a halter on her and most of the time i just let her be. I don’t think they should take older horses off the plains. But in this day people do not care about an animals feelings no matter what kind it is. Certain people have a mission and nothing else matters. God Bless those of you who work so hard to try and get someone to listen. I wish they would listen in our area but they could care less. We have a fight here with horse abuse and our court system just turns them back to their owners if it even gets to the courts system. CLOUDS HERD DESERVES TO RUN FREE!!!!

  8. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I just read an article in “Architectural Digest” about an investor (current issue) who “always wanted to be a cowboy.” He purchased 3,000+ acres in the Santa Ynez valley and built a drop-dead gorgeous Spanish style home for is “cutting horse operation.” Why can’t people like this come forward? Good grief, Charlie Brown! :S

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    There are a lot of industries getting rich off the horse. Where are they today?

    Will the little foal recover?

    If so, he should be named “Lightning” or “Flash” or something for making it down the mountain alive. !! I once saw a beautiful white jumper destroyed after competing in a contest to make $25,000. A timed event. The horse didn’t fall, he completed the course, but when he was done, he was holding a front leg up. Rider didn’t even notice. Rider sat on his big can for ages while horse suffered. Afterwards, horse was put down on the spot because owner didn’t bother to buy insurance for the horse to pay vet costs. This type of horse will save your hide, to their own expense.

    Things must change. And now. Plus, part of this story must be carried forward — don’t trust Congress — there are always factors to rip apart anything they can do for the horses —

    I think what I took away from watching CSPAN committee discuss H.R. 1018 ON TV is the NEED FOR OUR REPRESENTATIVES TO HAVE A CONVINCING, FACTUAL ARGUMENT for those who throw around lies inorder to sway the vote.

    Talking points and their facts must get into the hands of the committee who is going to be up there behind the microphone doing their convincing. (on the S.B. 1597).

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Sorry, I meant don’t trust Congress that good legislation will last forever. It has to be cultivated like a garden with constant vigilance. That is a strength of our system. There is hope for change.

    • Susan NY Says:

      Janet, excellent points, thank you.

      If Cloud can stare down the helicoptor and remain strong the other day, we can rally the human troops to make meaningful change so that his kind is left alone to live in peace.

      In New York State, they arrest guys for animal cruelty. In Montanta, apparently, they pay them $8,000 (of taxpayer money) a day. Let’s go!

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      We are in enourmous struggle for attention from all federal & state offices, TV media, newspapers and the American people. Focus is on President Obama’s speech tonight in front of Congress for the health care reform. Yesteday the nation was obsessed with President Obama’s “back to school” speech to American children. I hear Fox news using the words “bait and switch” again. Keep the people (sheeple) focused on something else while important immediate issues slip by.

  10. Susan NY Says:

    I just called the HSUS media director in DC for equine about the lame foal, and about the roundup in general. Will keep following up.

    Holding the space for all the horses of the Pryor herd to be released, for the foal to heal up fast for the winter, and for the swift passage of the R.O.A.M. Act in the Senate.

  11. Morgan Williams Says:

    Bloody ignorant BLM people and contractors.

    What they do to other living creatures will come around to bite them in the butt someday.

    I went to bed asking God to watch over all the Mustangs in the pens. I pray this foal and the other young ones are better this morning.

    YouTube is hiding all the comments on The Cloud Foundation’s video. YouTube is censoring all comments that tell others about the WordPress blog. YouTube is censoring all comments that urge others to ACTION! I have tried numerous times now to leave comments with instructions and updates.

    So much for freakin’ fress press, free speech and the 1st amendment of the Constitution. You know, that lovely old piece of paper behind glass somewhere? Lost in the abyss just like the Arc of the Covenant? Only a select few know where it is hidden and won’t tell anyone else?

  12. Bob Robinson Says:

    when are we going to learn in this country. that we as a nation do not
    have the right to own what is not our,s these horses have the right
    to be free the. we need to leave them alone.must we control it all

  13. Robin Says:

    The fax number for The White House is 202-456-2461. Send your letters there.

  14. Karen Mayfield Says:

    I’m outraged, this poor foal. This is how we treat our Living Legends? I’m disgusted.

  15. DGP Says:

    I just feel like a mouse warrior, clicking away on these keys
    and clicking the d_ _ _ _ mouse does nothing. The only thing
    that accomplishes anything is power and money. Sorry, just tired of fighting . . . will try again later

  16. Dale Goodrich Says:

    Sec. of Interior number 202-208-3181, and you get to talk to a real person.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I thought Salazar was Secretary of the Interior. . . everybody says you can’t get thru.

      Please explain!!

      Sounds good!

  17. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Dale, I called this number and Identified myself as press, I was transfered to Int. Dept. Communications, who said I wanted BLM communications who were out of the office, and left a message asking why no one has any responses to the all the calls, emails and requests to end roundups and free the Pryor Mountain Horses. That was as far as I could get. I left my number. Someone has implied that Cloud is to be removed?? When and where did that come from? Mar

  18. Rachel Marvin Says:

    Are there any unnamed fillies in the herd? Maybe we need to personalize this and name them after Obama’s daughters? Invite him out with them to see thier namesakes – draw him in some how . . . maybe naming wild “ponies” after the first children would generate some feel-good press that could be used constructively to educate the public about the events of the past week.

  19. DGP Says:

    as to a fax, how should the heading be addressed ? to the president or other?
    I spoke to a volunteer comment taker and didn’t feel reassured that it would get anywhere…..

  20. Robin Varone Says:

    This is so heart breaking to see this foal in pain. Had a citizen did this, they would be charged with animal abuse. I hope it can recover from this pain and live a free life. A little bute might help it along, but the BLM doesn’t seem to care one bit about these horses. They need to free all the older horses, this is so tragic.

  21. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I got the Nevada info, thanks

  22. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Rachel, Halcyon has a foal named Adalina, after the daughter of the Arizona Congressman, Raul Grijalvas. He wrote a letter to BLM that demanded all we want and has been a great presence in this activity. They do not want our calls, they have work and are on our side. The mare and this, the youngest of foals, born just before the roundup, remained on the mountain yesterday and so were able to remain free, as did Beauty and Merlin. mar

  23. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    DGP, We have power, you have not felt it yet. I have, just do not back down and keep at this. We are powerful. Mar

  24. Paula Says:

    Has anyone got any information about the little foal?? Is it any better?? Has the poor thing been treated at all or just released to suffer ???

  25. Nena Says:

    I just don’t think I can watch , can’t take anymore..I haven’t sleep good since this all started ..I am so ashamed of my country for letting this go on..wonder when they are going to Obama , all the messages..I could just go on and on..I sure hope I can adopt one or two , if the price is not to high..Nena

  26. Pat Hite Says:

    What bullies, government and otherwise, try to do is wear people down so they eventually shut up and give up. Let’s not ever feel that this fight will end–just intensify, with bigger guns like celebrities and big name non profits on our side. If we shine a big enough light on it, something will change. Let’s send someone to JAIL.

  27. Laura Evans Says:

    I got a return phone call from my local newspaper!! I’m getting all my ducks in a row so I have all the information I need to show the horses side of the story. I’ve got the name of the bill, the senator sponsering the request from Raul Grajalvas asking the BLM to stop what they’re doing. The future round ups in Wyoming Nevada Idaho and Oregon, the 33000 mustangs already in holding facilities. The indicted contractor that the today show called a modern day cowboy who used his helicopter to run a month old foal lame. the beautifully written piece by RT Fitch about Cloud facing down the helicopter and the local connection, Dr Gus Cothran from Texas A&M and the Extreme Mustang Makeover Western Stampede. Sheesh, I’ve practially written the article for him. Am I missing anything?

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Laura Evans:

      Yahoo! Way to go cowgirl. You have given us ALL a very much needed format for contacting our local newsmedia. Thanks a bunch.


  28. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

  29. Anne Says:

    guess many a foal have been harmed by the; sad!

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