Day 6 Roundup Photos

Baja's band runs in at 3:04pm

Baja's band runs in at 3:04pm

watch youtube video hereHis bay foal is less than one month old and just ran 10+ miles

His bay foal is less than one month old and just ran 10+ miles

Sticking close to the mares

Sticking close to the mares

The other colt is older

The other colt is older

Two tired foals

Two tired foals

The bay foal is extremely sore and barely able to walk

The bay foal is extremely sore and barely able to walk- watch video of foal here

All photos: Living Images by Carol Walker


15 Responses to “Day 6 Roundup Photos”

  1. Barb Beck Says:

    Hard to imagine they would do this to a young foal. Unbelievable.

  2. Tawnee Says:

    This is so, so sad 😦 and the mare in the last pic looks like she is pregnant, she looks so tired. This must STOP!

  3. Susan NY Says:

    Sweet babies. Prayers of safety for them tonight, and always.

    Tomorrow, we continue to fight for the release of the innocents.

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is awful, this is what I feared as they stepped up the pace and so many foals had yet to come in. PMWMC had said that a mare and foal had been far behind. He even said that these last horses did not just run in today but have been running from the helicopter for days as it has come up looking for horses. He said many were sore and tired. I think it was Bacardi’s foal had to walk in. I am so sorry this has happened. Mar

  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Over at the Mustang Center blog there is speculation that tomorrow may be the last day.

    What is that blue paint on the foal at the croup?

  6. thecloudfoundation Says:

    Blue paint means that they will be released!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Now if you are feeling too good, go to the BLM’s website for the National Adoption Day 9/26:

      What I find sickening is their sugar coating of the facts of legislation affecting wild horses. By omitting to mention the gutting of the 1971 legislation, they are deceiving the public.

      Maybe if the public knew about this it would actually help their cause but no they will not divulge — they are making too much money decimating the herds.

      Also they claim to have adopted out 220,000 horses since 1974.
      Where is that proven?

  7. Jean Turnmire Says:

    How disgusting…more perfectly HAPPY, healthy horses being REMOVED…for what reason? These horses now will forever be separated from their family groups. Seeing these magnificent animals living in the WILD on their OWN , and in small family groups, is exactly what America needs to preserve…NOT destroy.

    We have enough public land for ALL the wild horses to stay FREE.

    Government officials…..PLEASE listen….You should NOT take OUR horses. They do NOT belomg to YOU…but to AMERICA!

  8. George Roach Says:

    This deceit by the BLM must stop but our sorry ass government only sees dollar signs. Where is the president in all this??? How can an agency like the BLM be allowed to higher this contractor again? This is just another example of how the government can do something like this and not have to answer to anyone!!

  9. Shannon Duke Says:

    This just breaks my heart, to see these beautiful animals run to the point of exhaustion. Don’t they realize that they are killing a herd of horses that have long earned the right to be born, live and die free? Why wipe out this herd? No one can tell me it’s because of the grazing land. There is enough land for a herd of this size and the grass is suitable for horses.

    Our government officials are stealing historical artifacts from every U.S. citizen and for that they should be fully and completely prosecuted, in a fair and just court (if we can find one).

  10. lucia cini Says:

    Why they have to kill a so beatifull creatures what is their guilty….. the freedom ? Please don’t kill one the last icon of the wonderfull America !!!!!! let them live

  11. Marilyn Rodefer Says:

    I am sick and tired of BLM and other agencies rounding up all these beautiful horses. In my opinion, there is plenty of forage for the horses to survive on. I don’t get it!!!! Why can’t all these government agencies leave the horses alone. The horses are an American icon, and deserve better. If not for the horses, this country would not be where it is today.

  12. Karen Keene Day Says:

    Hello Carol,
    Thank you for your email and photos. I will pass them along.
    I ask again, how is the BLM being allowed to do exactly what they want to do to the horses and their foals? SUrely with all the calls, letters and work the wild horses supporters have done in Washington to protect them, our elected officals would have put a stop to the BLM control by now.
    This tells me something else is going on I wonder. Is it money and power in washington that is overriding the welfare of these poor horses.
    How else could the running of very young foals over so many miles be explained?
    I am ashamed of our elected officials. I am ashamed of our BLM. I am ashamed that as a free nation,we are supposedly able to, by our votes, be able to bring justice to wild horse abuse.
    The truth is, that even though I voted for the new administration to bring about a change for the betterment of the wild horses, it simply is not happening.
    Who and what can change this?

  13. mollieoday Says:

    If I am to write my senator, what action should I recommend. Please reply to if possible. Thanks!

  14. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is another day I never want to forget. mar

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