Call your own Senators and Congress people, but especially Senators. They need to fax, email and call. Calls to the Dept. of Interior and BLM are proving fruitless.

 Create Political pressure nationwide. Ask you Senators/Congresspeople to call on Secretary Salazar and President Obama to release all of Cloud herd and pass S 1579 The Restore our American Mustangs Act

Here is an easy web site. Just click on the Map. They should call, fax, and email  Contact all your representatives daily.


10 Responses to “ACTION PLAN”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Thank you for the directives.

  2. joan roya Says:

    LET MY HORSES GO…..just like Moses said in the Bible…let my people go….

    Cloud and his herd deserves nothing but freedom….they are descendants from beginning of this earth….Spanish descendants….

    Let them roam free, let them represent what is good….the wind blowing in their faces, and let their freedom ring….

    like it should be here in America!

  3. Morgan Williams Says:

    I just spoke to Barry in Congressmen Jim Moran’s office. The office was completely unaware (they tell me) of the current events in Montana’s Pryor Mts. I recounted everything to Barry in a “Ginger Kathren’s” method so all facts would be heard & then a plea for immediate action.

    Barry said he was having a meeting this afternoon with other wildlife cruelty protection people in the area. Barry said he would contact the BLM for more details. I URGED him not let Congressmen Moran wonderful work on the ROAM Act be for naught. I urged him to not contact the BLM but instead get his own independent person on the scene immediately. I told him the herd was in danger NOW. No time should be lost.

    Barry said he would call people he trusted. He took my name and phone number again. He said he would call me back with an update.

    The Bible says that “even if you only bring one person to the knowledge of salvation in Jesus, you have done the work of your Father in Heaven”. I pray with every fiber of soul that if I can just one phone call to contact one person in power that cares, that an immediate rescue can be made for the divinely created Mustang and burro.

  4. Rachel Marvin Says:

    Can someone with some stock photos of Cloud’s herd please make a flyer that we – the public – could print and hang at tack and feed stores? Maybe it could include space to add our local representatives phone numbers? All of our tack/feed stores here in NJ have corkboard areas and maybe my local stores would take flyers to put in shopping bags. Maybe this would help spread the word. If there could be 2 – a 8.5×11 and something smaller like 3 to an 8.5×11 to be cut up? I’ll print and distribute them.

    Has anyone reached out to Ted Turner? He has a foundation and a ranch in MT to preserve “native species” and a gazillion acres. Maybe he would take some of the herd to graze his lands if they can’t be returned to the Pryors?

    I think we should coordinate “A Concert for Cloud” where celebrity musicians play a small set synced to large-format video of Cloud and the herd. How cool if we could hold it somewhere like Red Rock south of Denver. Sheryl Crowe has a mustang doesn’t she? Reba has horses, so does Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica is a very successful equestrian, Gene Simmons’s of (Kiss) daughter Sophie rides . . . needless to say there are plenty of candidates across a variety of genres. Ginger might know Eugenia’s Snyder’s ex-husband Ron Thomason. He is a noted Bluegrass musician with his band Dry Branch Fire Squad.

    Another celebrity equestrian who might be a strong voice would be William Shatner. He is very involved in the Saddlebred industry and I think has reiners too. I have his wife’s Elizabeth’s phone number somewhere. They are very nice to work with. He is bold and so well known.

    Have we reached out to the equestrian professionals? Will any of the breed associations broadcast an email to their membership for the foundation? Specifically the breeds of Spanish origin? What about someone like Curt Pate, Buck Brannaman, Monty Roberts? Someone with a lot of respect in the equine circles with broad popularity?

  5. Julie Smith Says:

    Lacy J. Dalton would be a great person for music. She is actively involved in trying to save wild horses.

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    back on post, mar

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