Roundup Photos- Day 5

Photos- Living Images by Carol Walker

Cloud and his black mare

Cloud and his black mare



-Roundups are inherently dangerous events, and due to no negligence on the part of the contractor there is a high risk of death and serious injury to these wild animals. This is illustrated by a dun mare in the chute. 

-Morning Star’s band came in first, then Cloud’s.

-Cloud came in reluctantly and then turned and FACED the helicopter, even taking steps back towards the range. Demonstrating his unbelievable courage and clear understanding of the trap he was about to lead his family into. 

-Jackson’s band came in last but the helicopter went back for more horses and observers were asked to leave because the facility closes to the public at 5pm. 

Tomorrow the helicopter will continue rounding up horses from the top of the mountain. Stallions like Baja, Starman, Mescalero, Prince, and Lakota and their bands may be driven in next.





9 Responses to “Roundup Photos- Day 5”

  1. Terry Steinberger Says:

    Gorgeous Conquistador!! I can’t believe he is going through all this. Praying he is released.

  2. Terry Steinberger Says:

    Brave, beautiful Cloud!
    Only YOU would face the helicopter and not be outsmarted by the JUDAS horse. As we feel your MAGNIFICENT SPIRIT and “horse medicine”…connect with our spirit, prayers, love and actions on your behalf. We are all connected to you and your ban. God bless and protect you Cloud. You have so strengthened my life! Stay strong with Hope Rising to remain FREE! THANK YOU CLOUD FOUNDATION!

  3. Morgan Williams Says:

    Cloud is a horse created for just this time for a divine plan. Keep fighting everyone.

  4. Terry Steinberger Says:


  5. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Horses~ They are worth my efforts in Protest!!
    Titled : “NO MORE BULL”

    Where is the horse sense to lose the world family of wild horses?

    I know there are alot of Animal and Horse crazy people !! Get out your checks and toss out the bull.

    The Nature World will experience an extreme lose of these fourleggeds!!
    (We advocate need peaceful projects) which encourage the respect of Wild Horses.

    Do not lose Hope, Freedom and Our National Treasure for future generations.

    Please join us in peaceful protest to bring meaning to there lives!!

    Every Friday be beef, free. I’m going to be beef free until the horses come home. I don’t care if it takes years.

    Protest The Pryor Herd Gathers and BLM actions!!

    I’m going to go into a go on a fast of NO BEEF until the horses are returned to their home!!

    Join me in protest or only protest once a week~ today please join me in this peaceful protest of “No More Bull!!”

    So far I have not any beef/BULL since they started the gathers.

    Think of a way to make a statement to the world like Wild Horse Annie made a statement to children to save the horses.

    This also creates media for our advocate work. Hit the Goverment where it counts in the pocketbook. We cannot take anymore BULL.

    Write one media person a day.

    Write one senator or representative and President daily.

    Write or e-mail Singers and Entertainers and ask then to donate parcel profits song to Freedom Fund/ Cloud Foundation. Have entertainers send a U-tube documenting the beauty and wonder of freedom and our National Treasure. Artist like nothing else discribes Wild Horse like pictures and music.

    Protest BEEF or do it one day a week.

    Use This Blog to the best of what it can do for everyone . The Cloud Foundation is paying large expenses for their efforts. Help organize there efforts.

    Donate, e-mail,e-mail entertainers,U-Tube, Write All Media papers local and national. Send out e-mails, write letters, bring this information to scholl children to write letters. Pray and believe Our Dream Will Come True.

    I hope they are not removing Cloud for The mining uranium, cattle or other minerals. I could live with less of all of technology if we keep the wild horses. Wht will they not hear what we as peaceful and law abiding citizens want. We have to make then listen .
    A message Martin Luther King and Gandi learned, protest in peace to make them talk. Let the beef price go down for the BLM and they will listen.
    They cater to special interest groups and don’t disclosed information to everyone, especially when they believe it does not matter.

    Give Generously the Cloud Foundation

    “Actions speak Louder than words.”

    Lets Bring The Horses Home!!

    Don’t Give Up!!

    Continue in Peaceful Protest and ACT!

  6. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Barbara Ellen Ries

    You got it Julieanne Senator Grijavla is tops!

    Can you please help me and the Cloud Foundation . I need to have someone notify all these organizations to remove requests to call Congressman Raul Grijalva.

    His staff is overwhelmed with calls and that could be used to help us with his time and support

    Calls need to go senators instead.

    Ask them to remove Grijalva

    and insert their two US senators and the President.

    You got it Julieanne Senator Grijavla is tops.

  7. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Hay That is a GREAT Idea!!

    Just have folks make more Utubes spots about their wish to save “The Prror Horses and Cloud then send us the Utube address. ”

    We can even have entertainers and stars send a Utube stop.

    Enter at The Bottom to send Donations to The Cloud Foundation and write President Obama and your Senator!!

    Carol Walker already has done two fabulous viodos.

    Best Barbara
    Send to everyone
    We can do a teleweb braodcast too.

  8. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Deat Cloud Foundation Advocates,

    Please note The Cloud Foundation is not a LARGE agency.

    Currently a lot of work is being done by volunteers and a small group of film makers and a Producers. Their day job is following this BLM situation and The Pyrors Horse Herd concerns. Theuy are on location.

    Please follow through with a lot of your great ideas. The Cloud Foundation needs you and your help .

    Be bold and take your ideas full circle. If you are able to get some marketing leads and call backs great tell us we would love to hear about it.

    We need your help. Learn to take on this mission through pratical fund raising and web bloging.

    Best Advocates for The Whole Herd & Clouds Friends

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Just getting back on the older posts. Mar

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