The Death of the Calico Colt

An Essay by Ginger Kathrens, January 2010: Death of the Calico Colt — beautiful article in Trailblazer Magazine here: Article- March 2010

photo: Living Images by Carol Walker


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  1. Janet Ferguson Says:


  2. Anne Novak Says:

    Call Congressman Jim Moran. He supported the ROAM act to protect Wild Horses which passed on July 17, 2009

    Phone: (202) 225-4376
    Fax: (202) 225-0017

    HR 1018 – The Restoring Our American Mustangs (ROAM) Act passed in the House of Representatives on the morning of July 17th, 2009.

    This bill amends the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971. – adding important new protections and provisions which include banning helicopter round-ups and reclaiming land lost by America’s wild horses over the past 30 years.

    ROAM (S.1579) must be passed by Senate then signed by President before it is the new law. Call/FAX Senators.

    You can find more friends to call here:

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I called Congressman Moran’s office today. The woman answering the phone said the office knew nothing of the Pryor Mountain round up going on. She asked me to explain. I told her all the facts I knew. The woman seemed very concerned. She asked me to hold while she found a person for me to talk to in animal right concerns. She came back on the line and asked me to leave a detailed message for another person in the office who would call me right back. I did not get a call back. I waited an hour and the recording said the office was closed.

      Have you spoken to anyone in Congressmen Moran’s office?


  3. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:


    From Valerie Kennedy of the Cloud Foundation:

    If you are reading the blog below and Ginger’s urgent request to keep on keeping on, then we are hoping you all can help us. Calling the media and your political representatives repeatedly is crucial in this grassroots campaign of ours to save a national treasure, this amazing piece of living, breathing America that we are now at great risk of losing.

    We need everyone to pick up the phone, write emails and letters and not stop. The horses, while some are still in pens, are still in the area. We want them to be put back, no ifs, ands or buts.

    These talking points will help in a couple of ways: 1) they should help you stay on track when you make your calls.
    Bold sentences are your main point. Supporting stuff is underneath each main point.

    2)When you make calls, you will have limited time to make your case and this should help…even if you leave it on a voice mail at a tv station.

    3) We will be a unified voice. It will be easier for us to be recognized in our message if we are saying the same things….over and over and over again.

    And that’s it. We may revise them a little as the world changes for the herd.

    Please help us help Cloud and his herd. Over the past few days and talking to people all over America, I realize that Ginger Kathrens has really done something quite amazing: she has been able to take Cloud and his herd and incorporate his into the nomenclature of popular culture. When you say “Cloud” now, after years of seeing him grow up on PBS and National Geographic, people know who that is. He has fans from coast to coast in America and across the world. IF the BLM can get away with hurting Cloud and his world, then the situation is not good for any horse.

    But you all know that I am sure. Please help us help them before these special horses come to great harm.

    Talking points – Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Gather, herd of PBS’, Cloud, wild stallion of the Rockies

    Release Cloud the stallion’s herd back to their home all of them.

    – We demand the release of the wild horses that have been illegally torn away from their home in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, designated as such in 1968 for the purpose of legally declaring this Federal land as wild horse range.

    – Put the wild horses already gathered back where they belong. The BLM has removed them illegally. They have a home-the 38,000 acres of rangeland in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. The Cloud Foundation is working on a plan b, but the horses need to go back to their home.

    – The Cloud Foundation is working on keeping the horses and the family bands intact.

    These families are well-known to all and we do not want to see them torn apart.

    – We will never give up on the wild horses, especially these.

    – This herd is the last of a line that is the lineage of the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors. BLM is wiping away their genetic viability.

    This herd is too special to lose. It is our heritage.

    – BLM is operating as a rogue agency.

    – Americans were promised “the rule of law and transparency” and this is not it.

    – Bureau of Land Management is operating autonomously, against the will of Congress and Americans, ignoring massive public outcry and the law. They do not respond to FOIA requests, phone calls, letters and even a direct letter from the chairman of the Congressional subcommittee on public lands to suspend what they are doing and show their plans.

    – Letter sent from Chairman, Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands completely ignored.

    – Americans are being lied to by BLM; being duped into believing that this gather and others are “necessary,” when there is plenty of open range. (BLM has in many cases fenced horses away from essential water and then used the word “necessary” when they died of thirst.)

    – BLM has hired a Federally-convicted contractor who is now millions of dollars wealthier according the Federal Register.

    – Cattoor is well-known for his cruelty.

    – An audit is needed to reign in this rogue government agency.

    – BLM waste is completely out-of-control. They have no accountability to anyone.

    Sign Petition to Save Cloud’s Herd
    Best delivered by Barbara Ries

  4. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    The BLM’s Proposed New Grazing Regulations:

    Serving the Most Special Interest

    Joseph M. Feller1


    College of Law, Arizona State University

  5. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Skyline Uranium Corp
    Montana Uranium Project in Pryor Mountains:
    The uranium mines in the Pryor Mountains of Carbon County, Montana produced uranium for many years. Skyline’s mining claims cover most of the Pryor Mountains Mining District, approximately 1,400 acres in all. No less than five previously productive mines are included: Dandy, Marie, Old Glory, Sandra and Swamp Frog Mines.

    The uranium bearing mineral, in each case, is found in tyuyamunite associated with some fluorite in cave fill of an upper horizon of the Madison limestone formation.

    This is similar to the collapse breccia formations which host uranium
    mineralization in the Colorado Plateau of Northern Arizona. The company is considering a program of airborne geophysical surveys to locate
    additional blind breccia pipes. This type of survey has recently been used successfully in Arizona.

    If this is stopping the Pyrors from there home we need to have this info Animal welfare and legal org have at it!! and get back to us all.

  6. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` By Barbara Ellen Ries
    Horses~ They are worth my efforts in Protest!!

    Titled : “NO MORE BULL”

    Where is the horse sense to lose the world family of wild horses?

    I know there are alot of Animal and Horse crazy people !! Get out your checks and toss out the bull.

    The Nature World will experience an extreme lose of these fourleggeds!!

    (We advocate need peaceful projects) which encourage the respect of Wild Horses.

    Do not lose Hope, Freedom and Our National Treasure for future generations.

    Please join us in peaceful protest to bring meaning to there lives!!

    Every Friday be beef, free. I’m going to be beef free until the horses come home. I don’t care if it takes years.

    Protest The Pryor Herd Gathers and BLM actions!!

    I’m going to go into a go on a fast of NO BEEF until the horses are returned to their home!!

    Join me in protest or only protest once a week~ today please join me in this peaceful protest of “No More Bull!!”

    So far I have not any beef/BULL since they started the gathers.

    Think of a way to make a statement to the world like Wild Horse Annie made a statement to children to save the horses.

    This also creates media for our advocate work. Hit the Goverment where it counts in the pocketbook. We cannot take anymore BULL.

    Write one media person a day.

    Write one senator or representative and President daily.

    Write or e-mail Singers and Entertainers and ask then to donate parcel profits song to Freedom Fund/ Cloud Foundation. Have entertainers send a U-tube documenting the beauty and wonder of freedom and our National Treasure. Artist like nothing else discribes Wild Horse like pictures and music.

    Protest BEEF or do it one day a week.

    Use This Blog to the best of what it can do for everyone . The Cloud Foundation is paying large expenses for their efforts. Help organize there efforts.

    Donate, e-mail,e-mail entertainers,U-Tube, Write All Media papers local and national. Send out e-mails, write letters, bring this information to scholl children to write letters. Pray and believe Our Dream Will Come True.

    I hope they are not removing Cloud for The mining uranium, cattle or other minerals. I could live with less of all of technology if we keep the wild horses. Wht will they not hear what we as peaceful and law abiding citizens want. We have to make then listen .

    A message Martin Luther King and Gandi learned, protest in peace to make them talk. Let the beef price go down for the BLM and they will listen.

    They cater to special interest groups and don’t disclosed information to everyone, especially when they believe it does not matter.

    Give Generously the Cloud Foundation

    “Actions speak Louder than words.”

    Lets Bring The Horses Home!!

    Don’t Give Up!!

    Continue in Peaceful Protest and ACT!

    created by Barbara Ries for Cloud Foundation

  7. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    tch on Compassiate Animal TV the U-tube

    Put together by Ginger Wow!!
    Never lose hope!!

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Getting on the post. mar

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