PETA alert

thank you PETA


2 Responses to “PETA alert”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    Angle Bentley,

    I am very sorry for the anguish over the loss of your beloved equine. I hope that in time you will heal and be able to forgive. You don’t need me to tell you how a horse can get inside our soul. There must be so many beautiful memories you have tucked away. I do too, of every horse that walked into my life & allowed me to be a friend.


  2. Roxy Says:

    PETA said to write “respectful” e-mails –

    OPPS! TOO LATE! I guess I am off some BLM and elected officials holiday card lists! HA!

    But, I am sure that is probably the right thing to do. So, I’ll tone down my e-mails to those rascals tomorrow!

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