New Numbers to Call

White House switchboard – 202/456-1414 Ask for Senior Advisors:  Valerie Jarrett  and David Axelrod

Senate Committee of Natural Resources – 202/224-4971


Trigger_band_in_trap AE9-5-09

1. Release the older horses– horses over ten need to be returned to the range, it is cruel and inhumane to remove these horses and they are not appropriate adoption animals and should not be added to the already full BLM holding facilities. They deserve to live out their lives in freedom.

2. Reduce the number of horses to be removed to 20 young horses between ages 1-2.

3. Ask for increased scrutiny of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. Our wild horse and Burros need immediate change and an end to their mismanagement.

4. Please call the Senate Commitee as well as your state Senators and ask them to support the S1579 ROAM bill.


20 Responses to “New Numbers to Call”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Since money is a crux these agencies can show they are willing to work with people and save money doing it. My minutes are used but the ladies on the blog are doing good telephone work. Good luck all. mar

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    It is so difficult to rest tonight and wait until tomorrow to pick up the phone again. Out of frustration and angst, last night I dreamt I was keeping horses in a barn & not taking care of them. Every horse I have priviledged to own so far has been a rescue, except one gelding passed down to me named Zimney Ognen. That is a Polish name and he lived up to every ounce of that name. I have the healed, broken bones to prove it.

    Tonight is just time for prayer again.

  3. Mary Says:

    Actually they will not let the herd ever die off, they have the Pryor Mountain Breeders Association to replenish it with the ones that they breed to keep the gene pool strong.

    The same people that breed these mustangs also run the Pryor Mountain Wyld Mustang Center where they give tours.

    Don’t be fooled to think that they care about the mustangs when they obviously only care about keeping the gene pool strong. In my humble opinion, they are almost as bad as the BLM if not worse. They pretend to care about the horses but they truly care only about keeping the gene pools in tact. Culling the herd helps to keep the weak ones out. Sad but true! Here is an email I got from Matt Dillon who does the blog at the center:

    My recommendations for removals were based on genetic representation. Genetic representation is what I am very passionate about with this herd as I believe management decisions that are based on genetic representation will allow for the herd to be able to survive in the long-term. Basically, I am looking for ways in which no bloodlines go extinct and no bloodlines get too large due to management. Ideally, every single horse that lives on the range should have at least one offspring who in turn has at least one offspring, etc. The purpose of this is to maximize genetic variability in the herd. Genetic variability determines how genetically viable the herd is. Another way to put this is that I am trying to make it so that management decisions do not cause the herd to go in-bred. If a particular bloodline has been allowed to grow too large at the expense of other bloodlines that have in turn become dangerously small, then this greatly increases the probability that two relatives will breed. When this happens, there is a loss of genetic variation. Once genetic variation is lost, it cannot be restored unless new horses are introduced into the herd, which I am not for.

    Please note that he says he is NOT for this but the same board members that run the center where he is at are the breeders for the association. It is all about keeping the gene pool strong, the same as a cat or dog breeder. When they get a ” not so good pet” they sell them as pet quality so they can not be registered and breed them. For the horses, it is the same, they need to get them out of the gene pool.

  4. Lenore Mullaney Says:

    We need to keep the pressure on tomorrow! I emailed BBC and a few celebs this evening and am making my list for tomorrow. If you think about it, there’s a little “give” already since BLM may now be talking about adoption for the horses over 10. Adoption is not sufficient; they must be returned to live out the remainder of their lives in the place they were born. I think what happened today is the folks returned to Washington from vacation/holiday and all hell broke loose – faxes and voicemails full and the phones ringing off the wall. This must have put the BLM in the hot seat, lol! So keep the faith, your sense of humor if you can and know that we will win – one way or another!

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    That this has been a time to speak out, again, I believe, when the powers that be see we are not letting up, even after the roundup, they will have to listen. That is only a start, we have to get them making statements, too. If you get to talk to someone ask them to make a statement and write it down. The West hates it when the East tries to influence policy, but I hope we get more interest from eastern horse people. There are so many. I do not buy ‘horse’ magazines anymore but it would help if someone could compile a list of them and then send out the press release or modify one for them, so they can put a blurb under their ‘news’ headings. That is a good way to get people interested. And invite them to come to adoption day, here or elsewhere to do a story. When I was young I read horse magazines. I see them on the news stands. a friend of mine in Connecticut has been sending my blog to her friends and most have not heard about the horses and are very interested. Mar

  6. Jan Bindas Says:

    Urgent. Above phone # for the Senate Committee of Natural Resources is incorrect. The correct phone number is: (202) 224-4971

  7. Kathleen Wattle Says:

    Please repost this message WITHOUT the photo. It is not displaying properly, the photo overlays the important phone numbers and information in the post. Not sure why but no other blog I’m reading today is doing this. Using Firefox 3.5.2 with Win XP.

  8. Kathleen Wattle Says:

    Sorry, it looks fine now and I can see all of the post. This happened after I wrote the above comment and pressed the Submit Comment button. ….. Hopefully it was just a fluke on my machine and no one else is seeing it obscured as I was.

  9. Anne Novak Says:

    Buy a share or two in Ford Motors ($8 ea.) and then call the CEO of Ford, as a shareholder, to tell him you are upset that the BLM is handling the roundup this way and that the mustangs should be released because it is bad publicity for Ford who runs the ” ” non-profit which funds mustang programs for the BLM. Tell the CEO the BLM’s conduct is inexcusable-especially when the BLM knows that the ROAM act, which for example eliminates helicopter roundups because of their cruelty, has already been approved by the House and now is in the Senate.

    Talking points for ROAM can be found in this article:

  10. Marilyn Phillips Says:

    Actually these new numbers will work better for long-term legislative impact. And since the House has already passed the ROAM Act, we should concentrate on calling the Senate Committee.
    Also, since the bill S. 1579 now sits in the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, we should be contacting its members. Here’s the link to the list of members:
    Our message to them is to pass S. 1579 ASAP

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      “as introduced.” (support the bill “as introduced.”)

      see the blog,

      wildhorse warriers

      for an article on how this legislation is already being sabotaged.

  11. Jan Bindas Says:

    Thank you for correcting the phone number. We’ve got to get S.1579 passed…

  12. Roxy Says:

    I couldn’t find out if this video game is killing horses or not, but sounds like it:

    Open the PAX Red Dead Redemption – this is what we live in – this is why we need to fight harder and harder and never give up on humanity someway winning out. The comments on this PAX page will open our eyes and chill your soul!

    Besides the video industry pandering to young mens tendancies, this is what we are fighitng that I have collected so far = mining minerals, natural gas, uranium, oil, timber, cattle, sheep, hunting, bullet and gun suppliers, hunting outfitters and clothing suppliers, horse meat industry, meat canning industry, slaughter business, horse transport business, private contractor wild fire fighting contracts, goat suppliers (these are not mountain goats mind you), and eventually goat management contracts, seeding contracts (to replace the seeding the horses now do), private contractor roundup contracts, environmental restoration contracts (following the cattle, wild fires, and then the invasive plants that will come), horse feed contractors, horse pen supplier contracts, water trough supplier contracts, water hauling contracts (whatever else it takes to round-up, hold adoptions, then keep in holding facilities), judus horse contracts, contracts for vets (so they can sit around a poke horses through the fence), chemical industry & suppliers (PZP) contracts, portable toilet contracts, $600 toilet seat contracts, sticks with plastic bags supplier contracts…

    And, then, contracts to clean up the roundup site.

    Anyway, can’t afford to phone call (I’m not a contractor), all I can do is e-mail – have my cut and paste and adjusting it daily from this blog.

    I’m changing my daily campaign to two fronts: S. 1579 and Pryor.

    I’ll try UTubes again later this week and report back whether they are taking supporters yet. I did write to Obama about this.

    Marilyn Phillips and others – thanks for keeping us advised of contacts.

    Thanks again to all in Wyoming fighitng at the front.

    • theandbetween Says:

      Roxy, your recitation of interests that stand to gain from the mustangs’ (and our) loss is staggering, and almost seems unbeatable. These industries are populated by people who either don’t care if no mustangs are left on the planet, are unaware of the consequences of what is happening to the mustangs, or like to think “someone” is taking care to ensure that the mustangs live and thrive and roam free.

      Someone is taking care, of course–Ginger and the people at the Cloud Foundation, the person who established this weblog, the independent observer who stood her ground, and all of the others. But when I think of this relatively tiny group and the small number of horses standing against that array of economic competitors, I am amazed and awed that they are still standing.

      Your mention of the video “game” (I can’t even go there) brings up another issue that has perplexed me since I became aware of the mustangs’ plight–their persecution by Americans since the turn of the century and indeed the abuse of horses generally by humans. I am no psychologist, but the way horses, and mustangs in particular, have been hounded, hunted and discarded by humans speaks to a sickness or an evil in the human heart that runs deep and infects all of these struggles.

      Somewhere along the line, after the letters have been written and the phone calls have been made, someone is going to need to get to the root of this evil and find a way to heal it. I think the horses are showing us the way, and they are strong, but we humans need to take care of the human side. The AVMA cannot continue to support slaughter. The AQHA cannot continue to support slaughter. Everything must change.

      • Roxy Says:


        It is David vs Goliath –

        That is why I know we will win! WE have won as you have eloquently pointed out that “Someone is taking care, of course – … they and we are still standing and must continue to do so.

        I’m seeing more and moe organizing in these comments, people are getting to the press, etc – Hurray! Just keep going no matter what!

        It is beatable!

        Just get all the upcoming roundups in your calendar, get your cut and past, update from TCF regularly, and all your phone numbers, and support S 1579.

        OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Whether calling, writing, e-mailing, donating.

        I’m telling you what you already know though.

        Don’t need to go the the Video, just thought I’d throw that out to maybe motivate some fence sitters – maybe was a bad idea. But, we need to be getting to children and regularly and repeatedly – thia is the way to wipe out, or at least, lessen that infection, but it wil come back, seems everything is on some sort of cycle..

        In the 1971 movement the children were say 8 to 16? Now 46 to 54 – busy making careers, taking care of families, getting ready for retirement (not so easy in this economy) – its the children today and the grandchildren of those in 1971, that will fight again, and will vote in the future (acary that they are playing these video games!). I hope we have lots of teachers on board starting their own movements. I’ve contacted all my education freinds, who are now mostly retired, and am “educating” them – most seen to want to do some volunteer work in the school system, but find current education stiffling and unfulfilling – maybe this will be a spark for some to edge in there.

        Why is it so hard to see what one is replying? Almost need a magnifying glass.

  13. Janet Ferguson Says:

    The thing about David was he didn’t fear goliath.

    Goliath hopes we fear and hate

    Fear and hate stalls action and clouds the mind

    Only clear-headed thinking and action will prevail!

  14. carol bowen Says:

    Please stop the talk and demonstrate solid action, immediately toward saving these precious horses. What has the US turned into, chasing these gorgeous families of horses on conservation, federally protected land??? These fouls are with their parents, running for their lives, frightened so badly, they hurt themselves and as a result, can’t walk properly. Families of innocent horses penned up to be sent to Mexico to be stabbed to death in the neck repeatedly until they drop… How horrible people can be to allow this.. I’m sickened and this is a disgrace.Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, President Obama, Michelle Obama, our Senators,Natural Resourses please make this a priority. Children and animals need our voices; they are so INNOCENT.

  15. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    getting back on post, mar

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    getting back on post, mar, sorry

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