Keep Calling!

BLM and the Department of the Interior have received thousands of calls over the past weeks requesting reconsideration of this roundup. Please do not let up. Call for the release of the older horses, like Conquistador, like Grumpy. It is cruel to remove these horses who have lived their entire lives in the wild and put them up for adoption (or sale as a second alternative) where they face a very uncertain future. There is no adoption demand for older horses and they should be returned to their home.

President Barack Obama

202-456-1111 or 202-456-9000

The Honorable Ken Salazar
U.S. Department of Interior
202-208-3100, ext 5,

Director Bob Abbey
U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Grumpy, 21 and Sand, 8- both to be removed

Grumpy, 21 and Sand, 8- both to be removed

Greenland ride flyer


10 Responses to “Keep Calling!”

  1. Laura Says:


  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Why truck these old horses to hell and gone, then straight into the brutality of slaughter transport and slaughter itself.

    We need to all drive over there to Lovell, get as close as possible and lay on our horns. This will keep all wild animals away except the rattlesnakes.

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Maybe a group of highland pipers would be able to blast these people off the mountain.

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    I call the President’s first phone number and it is always busy. I called the second number, which is VP Joe Biden, and press 1 to speak to a White House operator. Wait on the line for someone to answer. Tell the operator what you are calling about & ask to speak to a real live person. The operator puts you through to the comment line. Don’t press any button & wait for a White House comment line volunteer to answer. The message keeps repeating “All comment line volunteers are assisting other calleers. Please continue to hold”. Wait on the line as long you can.

    I am probably close to using all my allowed cell phone minutes for the month but I just can’t care about that right now.

    I have called Director Bob Abbey. You have to be straight forward with the operator & say you want to talk with a real live person. I asked to talk with the Director’s assistant. I said “I do not want to be put into voicemail again”.

  5. jan sterling Says:

    found out reason horses are being removed – there was a law passed in 2005 that allows the blm to set aside public lands with oil shale and to set up for mining which is basically strip mining – they really do not have a way to get the oil out of the rock working on that – but frm the strip mining the water and land would be stripped – water would be contamined – oil shale is found in montana, utah, north dakota and colorado – largest deposits are in north dakota and bp has already bought up public land with oil shale – then back in 2004 that senator from montana put a rider in a bill to allow the blm to remove horses so they knew this engery bill was coming up in 2005 – its again blood for oil like in iraq now its horse blood for oil in america – if blm would just agree to move the horses to other public lands where there is no oil or minerals it would help solve the problem but they dont want to do it our way

  6. Anne Novak Says:

    Can someone work up a list of talking points and post them here and on Craigslist so I can send Twitter folks there. Thanks!

  7. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Project Freedom!! GREAT IDEA Cloud Foundation!!

    Please express in comments if you have contacted any TV channel,
    newspaper, journalist, Oprah, Ellen. i. e. , etc. especially if they have gotten back with you and requested information from The Cloud Foundation.

    Send to Valerie Kennedy. Be brief, supply addresses, phone numbers,
    e-mails, addresses for contacts. Please send info to info@thecloudfoundation this will reach Valerie Kennedy directly.
    She is PR Relations Manager.
    We need to round up the herd to bring them home to be free again.

    Call Daily Ken Salazar,President Obama,Local Senators and your State Representation. I have found it hard to get through they transfer the phones. I send e-mails and letters.

    Donate directly to the Cloud Foundation which is a non profit organization at You can make a donation via PayPal, by phone (719.633.3842) with a Credit Card, or send a check or credit card to:

    The Cloud Foundation
    107 South 7th Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80905
    The Cloud Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Please list your IRS tax no so we may take it off our taxes.

    Lets raise 12 Million Bucks for Cloud and Family to assist The Cloud Foundations Missionand for the Pryors.

    Telethon on the Web :It has also been discussed if people entertainers or stars do a 5-10 blurb or song for Cloud Foundation and donate a percentage to the Cloud Foundation. Contact Valerie if you have someone commited to The Wild Horses. Have all contact information.

    We are asking if anyone has any more info about The Outside Interests Group like Uranium Mining, gas and oil etc. Please send info we will research it. This could be why the goverment is not listening to our mission. They have Special Interest Groups.
    Best ,Prayers and I’m sending a donation.

  8. Nancy D. Carville Says:

    Please return Mustangs to the wild. Older horses are difficult to retrain. Follow the program in Assateague, VA, Keep the yearlings and those coming 2 for retraining by prisoners who have learned Natural Horsemanship Techniques. It gives prisoners respect for other living beings and the gentled youngsters a chance at happy lives. I’m sure there are horseman all over the US who can kindly train the young horses. The BLM needs to have distribution points in PA, VA, VT, CT, NY as well as out west. Right now so many horses were sent to killers or turned loose to fend due to the economy. In 2-3 years there will be a big demand for sound trained horses. Unwanted horses are too often sent to Canada for slaughter or to Mexico where they are gutted, hung and left hanging to die. Don’t do that!

    Release Cloud’s band or every child who has seen the Cloud movie will hate the government!

  9. DEB Says:


  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Just getting back on post. Mar

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