Independent Humane Observer Update

The BLM has offered to accept the volunteer form, signed by Elyse, with the paragraph requiring her to give BLM authority over all work that she produces as a result, excised. In good faith Elyse has done so with the understanding that she will receive greater access to the horses being processed and coming into the trap. It remains to be seen whether this access allows Elyse to be close enough.

13 Responses to “Independent Humane Observer Update”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    At this point Elyse is doing her best and that is great. Good luck and thanks for all you do. Mar

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    Elyse was forced to sign away her rights just to be a “Independent Observer”. This is sickening. So much for a free nation. So much for legalities the BLM is suppose to follow. I hope Elyse only signed that document so that she gather important eye witness facts the public really needs to know. I hope she is going to sing like a little canary and blow whistles throughout the nation and the world.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I think they said they excised that part.

      Arent’ there hi tech hunting scopes and all that c#$%p that people can use to get better views?

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        I understand the verbage of the volunteer contract Elyse signed. I am hoping that she has her own hidden motives and agenda to whistle blow as soon as she can.

  3. Ann Evans Says:

    It is about time. Keeping her out of sight was unbelieveable. Without her we only have BLM partners or contractors watching.

  4. Celeste Foster Says:

    :S We can only hope for the best

  5. Terry Steinberger Says:

    God Bless Elyse who is first and foremost for the defense of the horses. You have put yourself in one heck of a SPOT!!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      By the way God Bless the little lady who is running this blog for us on a volunteer basis everyday!! Thank you, thank you!!!

  6. Terry Steinberger Says:

    Ditto!! Go job Mak!

  7. Nancy Nellis Says:

    ********BREAKING NEWS********
    The Pryor Mountain Roundup has been called off! They are leaving around 25 horses – 4 family bands, alone.

    I don’t know any more than this at this time.


  8. Susan Gleason Says:

    Elyse does all she does for the good of the horses – whether it if painful for her or not. She is the best advocate we have. She puts herself in some hellish situations. I read every single comment, saved the best and summarized them. I thought there would be death and more injuries – there weren’t as many, as far as I know.

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    just getting back on the post. mar

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