Ginger on WFL Endangered Species Radio Now

Listen live beginning at 8pm MST or listen online later here

Trigger_into_trap_+_helicopter_ AE 9-5-09


7 Responses to “Ginger on WFL Endangered Species Radio Now”

  1. Pam Billstrom Says:

    this is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE what they are doing to these beautiful creatures of God…I hope they get what’s due to them in the end!!! I truly believe what goes around comes around. My heart aches for these poor horses & all I want to do is help them. I called the phone numbers provided and voiced my opinion and signed the petition.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Can’t wait to hear you. There are many who want to help end the abuses and the mismanagement. I am so sad that horses you know so well and love have been through all this stress and abuse. I will never understand how it all got away from us. We must get the law back on the horses’ side. I hope that Cloud and many of his family are free tonight. We need you, Ginger. The horses need all of us. Mar

  3. Patricia Romine Says:

    I am going to the Cloud Foundation website blog every few hours to check on how the round-up is going. My heart is breaking. I feel so helpless! I am so angry with the heartless BLM officials and our government for not cleaning up the corruption in this agency. I have repeatedly called and e-mailed all the people on Ginger’s list from President Obama right down to Jim Sparks. I will continue to do so. I am also asking my Congress people (Michigan) if they can start some kind of investigation into the corruption and abuses by the BLM. We must push even harder for some kind of accountability so we can prevent this kind of atrocity from happening again. I wish I could adopt all 70 horses and keep the families together.

  4. Barb Beck Says:

    Great show. Listen here tomorrow:

  5. Morgan Williams Says:


    I admire you so much for your intellect, strength, courage and determination. Thank you for being on the air tonight, discussing the events of the last week in the Pryor Mountains and taking calls. Your fire & passion on behalf of the American Mustang is extremely inspiring to me & many others.

    I will never be called upon to be a public speaker as you could tell by my call tonight. I am a great worker behind the scenes though. My question was so good in my head and then came out all wrong out of my mouth. My comments towards you & the others I mentinoned managed to be expressed well thought, thank God.

    Never say never and never give up.


  6. Lucinda Suttle Says:


    You were GREAT!

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I never did hear this and wonder if it is available to listen to? Mar

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