FREEDOM FUND- please help

We are advocating for the immediate release of the older horses who are being removed both from the designated range as well as the Forest Service. However, we have not yet made substantial progress and until the courts rule we need to keep Conquistador, Shane, Bo and Trigger’s bands intact. These horses represent an entire sub-population of the Pryor herd, unique genetic lines that will be lost forever when they are removed. We want them to stay together and we have several options lined up but will need financial backing. It is our intention to keep these horses close to their mountain. 

Please help us to make this possible. We need to fundraise for these bands and for our continued legal action to preserve this herd as well. We want to see their range expanded so that the Custer National Forest lands, where Pryor Horses have lived for at least 200 years, will be legally theirs forever.  

Please help us preserve this herd through action and donations

Grullo bachelors by Forest Service Waterhole 6-09

Grullo bachelors by Forest Service Waterhole 6-09

55 Responses to “FREEDOM FUND- please help”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Good luck on this, keep at them. Mar

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    OK. They need to stay on the designated range.

    Now, for Devil’s Advocate

    How are you going to keep them on the designated range. Will they return to the undesignated range? Is this why they don’t want to release them.

    Are you going to buy land for them? How?

    How much money do you need? Where is the land.

    Please tell us.

    If it is too soon to give us these answers, please say so.

  3. Karen Says:

    Yes, please, what is the plan??…because IF this is possible, I will open my checkbook IN A HEARTBEAT!

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    I will give financially to support the Freedom Fund.

  5. Angela Sellitto Says:

    I will give!

  6. carol poole Says:

    Gladly giving what we can.
    Is there a sanctuary nearby?
    Sending the link to this page to my contact list asap.
    Still calling/emailing/praying for the horses.
    I called my Congressman in his DC office and asked that he call Salazar and Obama and demand the release of the horses and an investigation of this roundup, halt all scheduled roundups and investigate the BLM.
    Since we are not getting any response from the White House I thought I would put my Federal legislators in the hot seat…THEY need our local votes.

  7. Angela Sellitto Says:

    I will give.

  8. Angela Sellitto Says:

    I gave and I contacted a state rep that I know here in IL that is close to the president. Maybe he can do something. I also contacted a family friend that is a VP at ABC. Who knows. Maybe they can do something.

    • Lindsay McDannold Says:


      Can your friend who is the VP at ABC possibly get some ABC Media to Mustangs on the Hill and the BLM Meeting on the 28th? That would be fantastic!

  9. Scott Says:

    Alrite, sounds good, my wife and I are ready to give.
    We will have no problem recruiting others but we’re going to need some details.
    Ms. Ferguson’s questions are good starting points.
    This info would also be nice for those that are planning to drive long distances and spend money to adopt 1 or 2 of these horses, especially so there is no competitive bidding.
    If the foundation and others are going to bring them in for holding til re-release that is great, but please let us know.

  10. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I will give.

  11. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I mean she said the photos will be taken on September 26th.

    she said they would not be sold to slaughter

    • Susan NY Says:

      Let’s hope the BLM is telling the truth here. We need to stay organized and keep close tabs – and the media engaged – until all the horses are safe.

      Looks like there are other issues at the same time – like returning public land to its traditional use so the herd has a viable homestead.

  12. Zombie Hunters Wife Says:

    If this is Important to The Cloud Foundation, where are the details and the answers to everyone’s questions???????? I would also be happy to help, but I will not send in my hard earned money to people that will not answer questions. I am disabled, and I own my own business instead of getting paid by the government or by USA taxpayers, I want to know where my money will be spent. Period. It is not that damn hard to tell us. If I were asking for people’s money, I would definitely tell them what it would be used for.

    • Lucinda Suttle Says:

      Please be patient. Currently, Ginger Kathrens is out in the Pryor Mountains doing her best to monitor the horses and the situation. These sound like new ideas that will take time to develope into viable enterprises. Once defined, I’m sure the powers that be will inform the rest of us. ; )

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Actually, I must come forward and state I was the one ruminating about everyone who signed the petition to send $10.00 per year every year (there were 8300 or so signers) and go to some kind of fund. . . just ideas at the time. On radio last nite someone mentioned there were several blogs about this issue, so probably they put it on the blog because it would help people who wanted to help to know they are trying to do something — esp. legal fees, etc. I plan to give what I can. These people are volunteers for the most part not getting paid.

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      Thank you for your comment. At this moment we have been protesting and now observing/documenting the roundup and genetic destruction of Cloud’s herd. We have no paid staff and are working as fast and as best as we can. I’ve started this blog in order to keep people up to date and as our efforts to have these older horses released have not yet come to fruition, we are working to set up a safety net for these older horses. We want these older band stallions and mares to stay together in their family bands. If you are not comfortable donating to the “freedom fund” at this time, I understand. The Cloud Foundation is a 501(c)3 with very little to no overhead. We have been focused on fighting this massive removal and have been getting little sleep for weeks. We are working for the horses and the future of this herd and all herds across the west. There is so much to do and I hope that this roundup will not continue and we can get to the business of protecting the horses slated for removal. Your and everyone’s patience is most appreciated. I have been on the computer 16-18 hours a day when I am not helping to document this roundup; a horrific for the horses and those who love them. And still there is barely enough time to post updates on the blog!
      Again, thank you to everyone for their support of our wild horses.

      • Winnie Says:

        A heartfelt thanks for your hard work and dedication in saving our wild horses. I am sending in my donation right now.

        A comment, is there a way you can make the Freedom Fund more visible? I kind of stumbled my way back into this page. I think it will make it easier for first time visitors who is interested in helping with this cause.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Just found your comment. I like the up to date changes in your blog very much.

        The Freedom Fund is more visible and it is easier to find stuff.

        It is awesome the work you are able to do at this time for the horses, and your blog is great. I wish there could be such a thing for all the “gathers.” wow. How powerful a tool.

  13. Lenore Mullaney Says:

    It sounds like all the calling and faxing is already putting some pressure on the BLM! They mzy be backing off the sale of the older horses. ADOPT Conquistador, yeah right, and his heart would be broken without his family. Count me in for some bucks. In the meantime until we find out more details keep the faxes and phone calls going! I contacted 10 major news stations to inform them that they were missing an ugly moment in this country’s history. I also contacted NBC and asked them to return.

  14. Barbara Steele Says:

    On the BLM website it states that 3 strike horses and horses over 10 years of age can be sold according the 2004 Burns amendment to the 1971 Wild Horse Annie Act. I would have it in writing from BLM that the older horses would NOT be sold. Also, aren’t all the stallions gelded before adopted? Don’t know about the ones sold to anyone?
    I would donate and would spread the word. Don’t forget FaceBook and MY Space.
    And don’t forget about Senate Bill #1579 that would get rid of the Burns Amendment. Got rid of Conrad Burns but the evil lives on!

  15. Barbara Steele Says:

    Another fund raising idea—The N.P.S. Assateague horses(ponies) have a website where the horses are pictured and you can donate to “foster” a particular horse. You get a photo of the animal and information as to where they usually are located.

    The Virginia Chincoteague ponies on the south end of Assateague are owned by the Fire Co. and grazed on Fish and Wildlife permits. When foals are rounded up in July the firemen determine which foals they want to add to their breeding program and these animals are “auctioned” as “Buy Backs”. Bidding is alway high for the privilege of naming the pony and being photographed with the foal. This year a colt of Surfer Dude, the favorite stallion, was kept and the bid was won by a couple from Georgia for over $13,000, and the best part about this is the animal stays free the rest of his days. The herd stays at 150 head so usually there is about 6 replacements a year. There is even a large group of people (I’m now one) that buys about 1 foal a year.

    • Lucinda Suttle Says:

      I love this idea! The horses stay in their natural surroundings and are taken care of at the same time. I wonder if something like this could be set up for Nevada’s wild horses too?

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      This news should get around. What a great idea! and what a generous supporter of the foals!!! That must be a lot of fun, too!

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      I believe the major force behind the The N.P.S. Assateague horses(ponies) is the local people themselves. For decades, the locals have devoted time and resources to the health and survival of the ponies. They are highly reveared by the local officals and law enforcement. A whole island is set apart for the ponies to run free and they are monitored well. The general public is not allowed to touch, feed or get close to the ponies on the island. Major protection has been set in place for the ponies because they are loved, cherished and considered an important part of Virginian history by everyone. The annual “round up” or “swim” is a major event. Everything is done for the utmost safety and health of mares, stallions, fillies and colts.

      Now, if each western state would do the same for all American mustangs and wild burros. This BLM issue would not exist.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Aren’t there all kinds of other federal interests in the West also such as Forest Service Lands, etc.? Such as large areas that are not “designated range.” under the jurisdiction of non-BLM federal mandates. Norad’s out there somewhere. Can you graze there?
        The thing I read recently is The Horse is meant to roam over a very large area — they do not stay somewhere unless they are confined, the result is they move to greener pastures and do not stay and trample and destroy an area unless they have no other choice by being kept in one place.

        These 3 million cattle who are allowed on the public lands at a small pittance of costs to the owners vs. 37,000 free roaming horses sounds like a crock to me. The fact is, the cattle wallow and moo. They are extremely lethargic by nature as a group. They stay, trample, munch, and all that and there goes the neighborhood.

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Barbara, That is a great system, it can help out here in the West. It gives people involvement and the ponies, that I have loved all my life, become cherished by any able to get one. They are very special, too. You have had your share of controversies. I am so glad you have shared this. It is very constructive and involves the Interior Department working with the public with wild equines. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Of course, oil and mineral rights issues and cattle issues may not be roadblocks in those environments. But there is always something. What were your problems of this kind that had to be overcome on this. Is there a book?

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        If you can, go to your local library and check out every book written by Marguerite Henry. She was my favorite author as a child & young adult. I have collected many of her books. One of her most famous & loved was Misty of Chincoteague. There were sequels to this book.


      • Barbara Steele Says:

        Probably the biggest problem would be on the Maryland side with the N.P.S. ponies. The environment is basically sand dunes, salt marsh and scrub bayberry bushes and small maritime forest. Endangered birds, like the piping plover nest on the dunes. Studies were done by Park Service showing there were too many ponies for the habitat and the public was included in the discussion. A couple of years ago the NPS talked about removing some ponies but after a public outcry they came up with new numbers and decided ponies would stay but have fewer foals. Assateague ponies ,Maryland side, was the first herd to ever receive PZP. They are not rounded up but darted by gun. Every mare is “allowed” to have one foal and they have found that the life span of the mares has been extended. There are a couple of mares that are 30 years old. They only receive vet care if they are injured by humans. One was killed this July by a car traveling too fast.
        It seems for this to work you need one central group that would be a “Friends of whatever herd” that would personalize the horses and that the public would feel a real “ownership” of that particular group of horses. Just my humble opinion.
        I have a BLM mare, Ally, a buckskin 18 years old and a 2 year old Chincoteague gelding, Kayak, (almost) 14 hand sorrel. I got the mare because I felt sorry for her at a BLM adoption and the Chincoteague because I always wanted one since I read Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry. Oh, by the way, Marguerite Henry wrote, “Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West”. It tells the story of Wild Horse Annie and was published in 1966. The fact that NBC made a statement about Cloud appealing to little girls is a positive in getting public opinion on the side of the horses. Get the kids and you have the parents!

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I will never forget all those beautiful paintings in those books of those horses of Misty of Chincoteague.

        Remember “drinkers of the wind.”

        What about Smoky the Cowhorse. The Will James Society is opening it’s new center this fall in Eastern Montana. They are on the web.

  17. jan eaker Says:

    i will gladly donate to keep these bands together, the older horses will be sold, and most if not all will go to killer buyers and on to slaughter in Canada or mexico, crammed together in the double decker trailers that haul cattle, there was a bad wreeck by me in northern il a few winters ago, 50 some horses crammed in the trailer, so anything that can be done to save these older ones must be done. right now the horse industry is terrible, so most of the ones going to be adopted will end up in the long term holding pens, with feed costs at an all-time high, there are few buyers or adopters available.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I was very close by that horse trailer accident on the Wisconsin and Illinois border on the interstate highway. 27 geldings died or where euthanized right there on the highway. The covered the bodies with blue tarps because of the horror and not wanting photos taken for newspapers. The driver was hauling the geldings in an illegal double decker cattle trailer. There is a national law prohibiting the transporting of any equines in double decker steel cattle trailers. That massive wreck only intensified the public outrage of those stock trailers. Shipment of horses to slaughter in Canada & Mexico is being done under the radar of public eye now. I believe they are using horse vans. Most horses arrive dead, down or badly injured.

      I once approached a driver of a double decker cattle trailer who was parked at truck stop. I went over to inspect the stock inside (cattle this time). I told him “I am one of the people fighting to put you out of business”. Those cattle trailers are wretched, death traps.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:


      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        There were some horses down in IL by STL too that got dumped onto the highway going to slaughter. Some of those remain at the Humane Society of Missouri farm near Union, MO, a beautiful facility. It’s called, “Longmeadow Farm.” It was big news naturally.

  18. Shelley Sawhook Says:

    The way it will work with the older horses is that they will be made available for adoption at the event in Britton Springs. If they are NOT adopted after wards they will be offered for sale/auction at the same event. All that is required is signing a paper saying that they won’t go to slaughter, HOWEVER once sold it is for the buyer to decide what happens and the BLM will not go after them. It is called fun and games with semantics.

    As for the plans and answers everyone is seeking. Ginger and her associate Makendra are BOTH in the field at Britton Springs. All of their posts are being made from there and reception is spotty at best. So, it is really hard for them to post things and answer questions and right now so many are asking for updates on the removals more than the fundraising. I know when they have a chance they will provide the details. I would like to know them as well, but most are in the early phase of negotiations so it would be premature to release them just yet. Let’s be patient.

    As for support. I personally have alot on my plate with legal expenses to stop other removals, lobby efforts and other issues, but I couldn’t live with myself if one single horse went to a kill buyer or ended up at slaughter so I am donating without the questions answered. I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that The Cloud Foundation is going to do the best thing for the horses. I don’t need to know all the answers to donate. I know their staff is unpaid and all volunteer and that they work really hard to keep costs down and that every possible cent goes toward their efforts.

  19. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks Shelley, people do need to allow the roundup to settle. There will be much happening just to get all the facts and procedures straight. And we need to be prepared. BLM is vert slippery. They have information we want and it may take a court order and the Freedom of Information Act to get it. If that is still enforceable. I do not know. Anyone can file for information that way, it should only cost for the filing fees. Someone should test that who has that kind of expertise. You all are doing good considering some of you are just coming into this. You are fresh, that is on your side. Having so many care and want to help is going to be the turning point for these and other horses. Does anyone know how many wild horses are left in the wild? Where are they and are they threatened with roundups? Is there another roundup this year? If so, where? We need good background info. Someone described ROAM< that was good. We need to have the details. Can you give us the web page that is on and how to get that info to our computers by pdf or email? We all need info so we have a common base. Then we will be able to respond to things as they develop, together, and understand what is going on or what has to be done.
    Thanks to every one for staying with this, I hope you are here for the long haul. I am going to try to keep a mail file of comments so I can reference them. Be sure to check the little box to have updated comments alerts. Mar

  20. Barbara Steele Says:

    Information on R.O.A.M bill and link to actual Senate Bill 1579

  21. Dale Goodrich Says:

    We should be advocating for the immediate release of the all horses, and their return to their home.

  22. MicMichelle Says:

    I know of a mustang that was in a holding pen at new holland, it ended up getting shipped. there’s a website that has horses they pull out of new holland…they had the mustang on the site. i am glad they have stopped the round up, now lets hope someone can come up with a way to give birth control to some of the mares, and maybe geld some studs?? just a idea.

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      For those who do not know, New Holland is an infamous horse, cattle, goats, sheep etc. auction located in Amish Country in Lancaster County, PA. There are several rescue groups that try to save horses there. Lots of cruelty issues with this auction but at least the double decker trailers were outlawed here in PA.

  23. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Friends of TCF, I hope to hear more from you here, I will be checking the site daily. I am going to work on a press release for Associated Press and tentatively plan to drive up to Lovell to see the Pryor horses and visit Britton Spring and see the horses who lost their freedom. There I will write a piece to attempt to publish, on line if need be. Then I do want to go to the Utah roundup, it will be in November and is not too far from me. I hope I have new tires soon. Come back and keep in touch, there is so much to do and all are needed. Mar

  24. MUSTANGS on the HILL « Says:

    […] give to the Committee of Energy and Natural Resources with the names of everyone who donated to the Freedom Fund. If you plan on attending either of these events, please RSVP as soon as possible so we can plan […]

  25. Nini Says:

    Where is Madeline Pickens? Can she pitch in to help with donations?

  26. Dianne Says:

    Madeline Pickens also came to mind for me. Has she been contacted regarding the efforts to save this herd? Does anyone know how to contact her?

  27. jean civis Says:

    Thanks to everyone who is working to help save the wild horses
    on Pryor Mountain. My heart goes out to these beautiful, magnificent
    animals, who want nothing more than to roam free. I plan on
    attending the rally in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday, Sept. 29th
    to offer my support. I hope they have a tremendous turn-out, so
    the powers to be realize this IS an important issue to many and
    also for our future generations. We need to be their voice, if they’re
    to be protected.

  28. Elizabeth Turton Weston Says:

    Is there a way to make it quicker/easier/more obvious how to get to this site?
    Iwant to contact all my friends to get them to donate to the freedom fund but it takes some navigating to get here.
    Very best wishes, may your few hours of sleep that you get be of the best.

  29. Barbre Brunson Says:

    The wild horses are part of our history. Horses have served us well…the world over. In War, Peace, and for Pleasure. What kind of person thinks killing horses is a correct answer to the overpopulation problem they claim exists. I grew up in Nevada, and love the wild horses. I hope to return to Nevada when I retire and want to see the wild horses running free. I just came back from Nevada and a tour guide was telling people that the wild horses aren’t good for Nevada……I strongly disagreed and shared my opinon and asked him to defend his statement. He couldn’t. He did promise not to make such a statement again. It is our duty to preserve and protect our wild horses….EVERYWHERE.

  30. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    getting onto this post. mar

  31. Shelby Bautista Says:

    I was browsing online for ideas on a new article to write upon and saw your website. Although I may agree with your ideas a little bit, I think I will write something that is somewhat at the underside of your article. I like your ideas though and will write something that is very near to it .

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