Cascade and Cloud Dancer to be released

We’ve just heard that Cloud’s daughter, Cloud Dancer (6) and Bolder’s mare, Cascade (7), who were both are to be released back onto the range. Thank you to BLM for making the decision not to remove these two mares. 

Cloud's daughter, Dancer (on right) to be released

Cloud's daughter, Dancer (on right) to be released


Cascade grazing with her band 8-30-09

Cascade grazing with her band 8-30-09


13 Responses to “Cascade and Cloud Dancer to be released”

  1. Audrey Caprio Says:

    Rep. Rahall’s office are very concerned about the Cloud issue, and working very hard to fight it. Two new numbers to call:

    Senate Committee of Natural Resources – 202/225-4971

    House Committee of Natural Resources- 2-2/225=6065
    These numbers permitted to be cross-posted.

  2. Karen L. Says:

    Wonderful news about the mares being released! What about Cloud at this point; has he been released with the majority of his band??

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Great news. You are doing some negotiating, thank you so much. Mar

  4. sabinalouisepierce Says:

    I have an awesome photo of Cascade on my blog

    she was amazing, she circled me and then leaped and reared right in front of me.. made amazing photos for my photo essay.

  5. Morgan Williams Says:

    Excellent work Ginger, Carol, Elder Bogess, Elyse and all the other wonderful advocates on location. Your ability to maintain a high level of communication secured the release of Cloud Dancer and Cascade. Now, for the others.

    That You, dear Lord, our Almighty Creator in Heaven.

  6. Roxy Says:

    “Thank you to BLM for making the decision not to remove these two mares.”

    Please don’t take this the wrong way – I SO VERY MUCH appreciate the great effort and this wonderful result and do not want to dimish it in anyway.

    But – are we so beaten down that we are now “thanking” BLM for returning horses that should never have been rounded up in the first place? I do know that your all doing the right things (and probably a good idea I’m not there!), but I’m so heartbroken about this madness. But I’ll not give up – I’ll keep e-mailing, that is all I can do – and pray. Thank you all in Wyoming!

    UTube will not post my blogs today referring people the thecloudfoundation. Most seem to have now been taken over by BLM supporters – saying things like “I called BLM and they told me the real story…” – lies, lies, lies, or its all back to “native, not native, feral, wild” all those old smoke screen arguments just to keep everyone off point.

  7. Amy Chappelle Says:

    This means that Image will be released with Dancer correct? I thought I read that Cloud would be released…

  8. Rose Says:

    native, not native. semantics.. very few of us Americans are actually native… How many of the horse abusers are native? Maybe they should remove themselves.

  9. Rose Says:

    Can’t we just buy em and re-release them? Give them back their freedom. After all, it’s our public land. Let’s just put ’em back ourselves.

  10. moose1120zt Says:

    go here====

  11. Shirley Allen Says:

    While I’m happy this nightmare is over, we still have a long way to go unfortunately to ensure the legal and correct protection, care and respect for our Wild Horses and Burros. PLEASE keep the pressure on calling for BLM Investigation and Reform. Our horses and burros will never be truly safe without this and passage of ROAM. MY VERY BEST TO ALL and PLEASE STAY STRONG AND COMMITTED for the sake of our old guys still endanger and the many in our Country that are still very much in jeopardy. LOVE to Every Single Person that were boots on the ground and had to witness this horribly heartbreaking ordeal. We send our energy, spirit and compassion to you to help you heal.

    AND as far as native-non-native. It has been proven that the horse was on the North American Continent thousands and thousands of years ago, it’s just that lots of folks are ignorant of that fact and alot just plain don’t want to admit it. But you know what — IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER-America would not exist as it does today without the sacrafice of all that came before them building this Country on their backs and with the blood of their ancestors. Humans or even Cattle are absolutely NON-NATIVE species to this Country HUMM ?????

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Getting on this post. mar

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