Stallions Fighting in pen

Report from Photographer/Advocate Carol Walker at 3:-m today from Britton Springs corrals (visit Carol’s blog here)

“We are watching processing of horses – run through chutes to squeeze chute where they shave necks, freeze brand and hair sample for horse that will be adopted or sold. Dun mare reared up 5x then hooked her head and went over backwards. Then a dun colt came out of the chute backwards and was lame.

They put band stallions from the Forest Service together so Trigger, 12 and Conquistador, 19  have been fighting, vicious at times – Ginger talked to the vet about it – hoping they separate them before serious injuries occur. We are waiting to go up to the observation point for the helicopter to drive horses down.”


11 Responses to “Stallions Fighting in pen”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is terrible news but what I feared as they keep people further and further away. I am very upset and would be enraged if I were there, but you can’t let them get to you. We have to recover what horses we can. help them any ways we can to get through all this. and After give them safety somewhere, each and every removed horse until we get ROAM through the senate. Then we Can clean up the mess that was made by people like this. I am glad you are there and you have taken many important photos documenting this insane action. Mar

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    Another fine example of the government experts at work. Yah right.

    This whole mess has pushed me over an edge of some sorts. I am always the one telling others to be calm, wait it out, don’t talk bad about anybody, just pray for things to work out. Injustice of ANY type towards anyone or anything innnocent & unable to help themselves burns me to the end of my wick. I can’t stand by and just “let” things happen. My eyes don’t have selective seeing, my ears don’t have selective hearing, my memory doesn’t have a magic delete button. I have tried my whole adult life to give some grace to our American government. I have prayed for them. I was losing my stance with President Bush & his administration. Now………….. there are no words to express disappointment, disillusion, betrayal, grief, distaste and distrust.

    Here I sit in Wisconsin, feeling totally helpless and useless while all the suffering is going on with humans and creatures in Montana.

  3. Morgan Williams Says:

    Someone just told me that the stallions were put together purposely for sport. Some of the workers wanted to watch the stallions fight.

  4. Scarlotta Says:

    What happened to the stallion who went lame after that calamity? Do we know if he recovered?

  5. HeatherinNS Says:

    I’m in NS Canada, and am choking mad, having looked at that pathetic excuse for a human poking those foals with a stick. And this is a Vet, eh? Very nice…what an S>O>B!

    Someone has to STOP those older horses from being sold- they will not get “adopted” they will go to slaughter! How wrong is that? Better to have shot them where they stood, on their beloved mountains- than a fate WAY worse than quick death. I so hate people…

    Thank you for the real updates, I’ve been trying to glean info from the Pryor Mountain blog- but it’s obviously well “doctored”–though I did read and understand Matt’s comment’s last night, before they were removed. Not surprising- as long as they leave a few “show” horses, they can do what they want with the rest. And of course- someone’s going to want to adopt the more well known young ones, so the BLM might think they’ll make a few extra bucks off Image.
    Again, I so hate people…

  6. Laura Says:

    Where is COMMON SENSE?? Doesn’t make MORE SENSE for the bands to at least be rounded up together in their own corrals?? That way there wouldn’t be fighting and so much upset.

    They don’t want people watching, because they know they have screwed up MAJOR BIG-TIME. They truly are beneath contempt for not working with the wild horse advocates WHO COULD HAVE HELPED THEM MAKE THIS ROUNDUP MUCH, MUCH BETTER.

    It is truly disgusting to me!

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I had heard that they would do this and hoped it was rumor. This is what they do. They must never do it again. Is Cloud safe yet? Who will buy his mother? I have read things here saying you will buy horses. Please come and do it or send someone to. I am afraid, until this is over, for the lives of horses. We cannot fuss among each other. We must help each other make a great thing happen, together. OK? Please let us save the horses and change the law and stand up to these rotten people who have brought the horses to the doorstep of death and vulnerability. Mar

  8. Patricia Romine Says:

    Thank God for Ginger and all the other brave volunteers who are sacrificing so much to protect our horses. I haven’t been able to sleep since this round-up started because my heart is breaking and it is all I can think about.

  9. Angle Bentley Says:

    And so the lies and storys are started.. someone said this.. someone did that.. or was it…. someone said i BET THEY PUT THEM TOGETHER JUST TO SEE THEM FIGHT… come on guys…. stop the crap.. just let them do their jobs. When will the story telling stop?

  10. jan sterling Says:

    the people from the blm have no feelings for the horses if they did they would not be doing this – i believe they are enjoying this, flying helicopters over the heads of the frighten horses – they are not going back to see if any foals are injured or lost – they JUST DONT CARE – how can anyone support what the blm is doing – read on one website that said let the horses be captured and return bison to the public lands is she kidding blm dont care about our native species we are lucky there are any buffalo left and look how they are treated at yellowstone – the govt still thinks the way to tame the west is to destroy everything and make it over the way they want it – anyway read jan eaker comment that some are interested in adopting ginger’s horses but would blm let them do that

  11. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    sorry to generate so many emails but I wanted to get back on these posts. Mar

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