Observers just removed from viewing

All the observers were just told to leave the viewing hill despite the fact that the helicopter is still bringing horses in. Now there is no one watching and we are uncertain of which band(s) are being brought in. We are concerned for Halcyon and her young foal, Adalina (named for Congressman Raul Grijalva’s granddaughter). This band should not be brought in and Halcyon and Adalina should not be removed. 


Halcyon and Adalina- Elyse Gardner, photo 8-30-09

Halcyon and Adalina- Elyse Gardner, photo 8-30-09


10 Responses to “Observers just removed from viewing”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This is a very long day getting longer by the minute. I am waiting for the fat lady to sing but she’s taking her time.

    How long does this go on???? Ten days?????

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    Viewers are removed for one purpose only. The BLM, the contractor and all the workers want to do as they please in secret and destroy all evidence of their wicked ways. Secrets do not stay buried forever. In every case of animal abuse and destruction of the environment, someone involved is convicted in their conscious of what act they did to help or what they saw. Possibly, maybe, hopefully, there is an activist or agent undercover right this minute only waiting for the right time. Please dear God. We need your help right now.

    Ginger & everyone there. Hold on together and cling to whatever shred of hope you may have.

  3. Susan NY Says:

    The BLM may have bitten off more than it can chew. We are nearing the end of the holiday weekend. Finally. Things will start heating up tomrrow.

    Blessings to all joined in this work of honor to help these beautiful horses. Ginger, and all, you are with friends, many miles away. Take care, prayers to all.

  4. Julianne French Says:

    This is an outrage! We must protest this action. Surely, Americans have some rights in management of the public lands beside the federal officials and the corrupt contractors they hire.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      It would be nice if the law was applied in this case. It would be nice if they law wasn’t just some print in a legal book somewhere & the law was actually practiced in real life. But when the system is corrupt, no one is going to rat out on each other for fear of their own sins being found out. The western Colorado judge is the government employee I have seen so far that is standing up to the BLM & all it’s bullies.

      It would take days to explain how complacent Americans have become over the years which allowed personal freedoms & rights to be handed over to state and federal government agencies who “know what is best for citizens”. I don’t know about you, but I am going to go to all lengths necessary to avoid the government health care reform so called “public option”. I am not a political person by any means, but I sure can smell trouble brewing.

      It’s never too late to fight though. Do your research and find out what avenue is best for you to take back American for it’s citizens, it’s land, it’s environment, it’s nature, it’s resources, it’s freedoms found no where else in the world before freedom is gone. My personal battle begins all the way back to the North American native Indians and their home long gone.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Halcyon and Adalina were filmed in the Howard Boggess video. I have worried about them since. The removal of observers and keeping all away is simply because they have lost their patience and have no need of any body too close for comfort. Stallions fighting and horses injured, they do not care. I am not sure why these people could not be arrested by a Federal Marshall for the abuse that has been witnessed. Who would have the courage to stand up to them? Laws I once believed in do not even seem to exist from one place to another. I still believe we need to go to Washington and keep this from ever happening again.
    My readers are back to my blog today and some last night overseas. I have heard from people and try to give them hope, for the long run. Mar

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I am inexperienced with marching in Washington, as you & others have spoken of. Do you know how to organize such a thing? I agree that letters, phone calls, emails, petitions and in office visits are very necessary BUT a march is so much visible and noticed. I have been to the Washington mall in D.C. but never to protest.

      Look at all who fought valiantly in 1971 for the Wild Horse and Burro Act. They did exactly what we seek now. They were assure no crimes of annihilation against the Mustangs or burros would ever occur again in America. Was it 2 years ago that the Act was gutted by an 11th hour addendum to an appropriations bill that was signed by President Bush allowing the BLM to sell rounded up wild horses and burros for slaughter? Though all slaughterhouses are closed in the USA (for how long is anyone’s guess), these precious wild animals are still being shipped to Canada and Mexico illegally for slaughter to feed domestic & overseas markets.

      How do I find your blog?

      God please help us.


  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I am at The blog is in small print below my name on the left or listed on the right by subject. They go back to January 2008. If you want to look through them click on RSS, top right. I would work on this like my life depends upon it to get ROAM passed and to restore wild horses to protected ranges. We can find help from those who have done this sort of thing. It will take a lot of contacts. But I can see how details can over plan and slow us down, we need to get there and have an agenda that flows and people that come and believe in what they are doing. We have many strong minded people who want to do more. Doing more is what we must get accomplished. I think we can do this. We really have no choice. I will work on it if others can commit to it, too. Experience will be found for advice. Those we look up to can help create an agenda and a program of speakers and presentations that include all related issues and goals we seek. Being committed is the first step. Second is getting people to come together. Doing this legally is what we need to find out how to do. Mar

  7. Terry Steinberger Says:

    Keep documenting everything. You are doing a great job of covering this gather. I continue to refer people to your website.

    With Gratitude,

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Just getting back on to older posts. mar

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