Cloud Rounded Up

At 4:03 cloud and his family were driven by helicopter into the corrals. Cloud was in the front, followed by his black mare and the others. Image brought up the rear. They gave the helicopter a run for its money- breaking back towards Turkey Flats, away from the corrals. When the pilot got them back into the wings of the trap Cloud did not follow the pilot horse, instead he turned and took steps backward, stood still and then went in. Cloud’s daughter’s Dancer and Rain as well as his grandchildren, Arrow and Image, are all to be removed. Cloud and the rest of his family will be released without them.p08_003 Cloud portrait 2003

A young Image follows his mother, Dancer 6-08

A young Image follows his mother, Dancer 6-08

4: 10pm- the helicopter brought Jackson’s band in. They must have left them back a ways in order to avoid bringing both bands in at the same time. Cloud and band are now going through the alley of the corrals.


33 Responses to “Cloud Rounded Up”

  1. Theresa Says:

    i am so upset about this whole thing. i am only fourteen, and have never felt as much hatred towards anything as much as i do towards the BLM. i have two questions, though- will Image now be captive for ever? and is cloud being released?

  2. Barb Beck Says:

    Just in tears…………

  3. Morgan Williams Says:

    I feel split in two. They have got Cloud & his band. What these horses have endured. Why are the keeping Cloud’s daughters and granchildren? Why? WHY? WHY???

    I am so sorry to the whole Cloud Foundation team & everyone else physcially out there, right this minute, seeing their worst nightmare come true.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Tian a min Square revisited.

      I am reading a book from the library about Mustangs which says that there were a group of people called, “Sagebrush” movement during the Reagan years. These people precipitated the current devastation of the mustangs. I imagine there are still more than one of them in today’s congress. We need to identify these people.

      See the Stillman Mustang book for more details.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Catoors are also heavily written about and quoted.

      • Shirley A Says:

        Hi Janet, I’m sorry to say that with all the horrid problems that we are dealing with, with the BLM’s sorry mismanagement of OUR Public Lands and Wildlife, here in Nevada we have it double fold because the Governor has appointed a person that was involved in the Sagebrush rebellion as the Director of the Department of Agriculture in our State. We have had many problems since he came in and there are quite a few ongoing complaints filed. Unfortunately, these complaints are stuck in the Attorney General’s office and are dragging on and on. I would go on but I am one that is involved in one of the complaints against the NDA, so I really can’t elaborate at this place in time. Needless to say it hasn’t been pretty. Giving In or Giving Up is not an option or acceptable. This Country’s horses, burros and all wildlife have to be protected and we will fight for them no matter what comes. We have to keep pushing and asking Washington, WHY??? Make them give us the answers that we know are there but covered up and that we want the truth and changes made that will reflect the wants of the American People at large. The opposition may have more money and may shout misinformation louder but we will continue until all of OUR wildlife and lands are safe and taken care of properly without corruption and greed overshadowing the respect for their lives and compassion for their rights to live freely. In my opinion, We, as humans are not above them or even to have more rights to inhabit this world. The difference is human hypocrisy, selfishness and greed. Everyone Please Keep the heat on and let’s clean house and find the real truth.

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    Please do everything humanly possible to adopt or buy Cloud’s girls.

  5. Jeanne Says:

    The work of the devil…..

  6. Patricia Bewley Says:

    The absolute dishonesty of the government’s BLM has decimated the last of the mustangs who rightfully lived in the Pryor mountains . The planned destruction of this herd is an abomination and insult to every American who thinks we are free. This is not a controlled round up, it is a massacre of a strong and enduring genetic herd. To take all the horses off the mountain and call it management is nothing but planned genocide . Washington must HEAR us on this.

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    We are seeing history today. We are eyewitnesses to history.

  8. Rebecca Schneider Says:

    This is an absolute waste of government resources as well as a travesty to our heritage and animal rights. These horses had NO reason to be rounded up and the BLM can’t even afford to care for them, but they’ll do it to allow a bunch of cattle ranchers to lease the land for pennies on the dollar.

    It makes me heartsick and I really hope that everyone fights against it as hard as possible.

  9. Leslie Says:

    Morgan & All,

    I am a WY native and would LOVE for the horses to remain free, however I have little controll over that so the best I and my family can do is to adopt some of these living history horses. Our intention is to hopefully adopt at least one pair if not two. These horses will remain in Wy and hopefully in the future I will be able to locate a Proyor Stud that has been adopted and thus continue the blood lines. I would LOVE to adopt Clouds girls. Please if you have any info that will help in my mission besides the BLM application process – please let me know asap so that may use the info in our planning.
    Thank you much.

  10. Suzanne Moore Says:

    We are indeed eyewitness to history – ugly history, illegal history. As I posted earlier, there MUST be some legal recourse – class action lawsuit? Something!

    Please keep us updated on Cloud and his family. If there is anything I can do…

  11. Winnie Says:

    I wish we can all band together and adopt them and then set them free.
    Is there any way possible?
    What is the status on the land that Madeleine Pickens was going to purchase for the wild mustangs?
    My heart is so burdened by this and I know it must be a thousand times worse for the foundation team that is witnessing this.
    What else can we do to help?

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We have to recover as many of these horses that go for sale or adoption. If we can get the ROAM Act passed with provisions for recovery, which it is all about, we can return some horses to live their lives in freedom. I can only hope everyone survives the mistreatment and abuse. There are people who have seen all we have been told. There is photographic evidence. Just so Cloud is not singled out in any way. They fear him and what they know he represents; the spirit of all of you who care and have tried to end this action. If we can all go to Washington while this is fresh, we can do what it is that we all want; protect them and set them free. Get the ROAM Act passed and indict those who have used the law to do injustice. Invalidate the law that was gutted and start investigations into the Bush and Present Interior Department officials. Let’s save the horses despite this horrible round up and all the others. We have to keep going and get the work done. Mar

  13. Ashlee Says:

    Are clouds family that are being taken being watched so someone can pull them and insure they will be safe and not sent to slaughter? I am sure someone is?

  14. Rose Says:

    Can’t we just buy them and return them to OUR public lands, their home, their freedom? I would chip in to do that.

  15. carol poole Says:

    I have cried so much over the past several days that I’m done crying.
    I’m afraid that the pen is no longer mightier than the sword.
    I do believe the reason for ALL the roundups in Montana, Idaho, Colorado amd Nevada are related to the Uranium in the mountains.
    We have all written, emailed, called our legislators and the President and NO RESPONSE. Yes, Obama was away but I am certain he is absolutely aware of what’s going on. The BLM are just pawns in a much bigger game.

    1. YES we need to STOP the adoption and sale of all the horses over 10 yrs old. COURT ACTION IS REQUIRED ASAP

    2.NOW we should DEMONSTRATE in WASHINGTON D. C. and for those of us who can’t go there, we will organize a demonstration at your own STATE HOUSE or FEDERAL BUILDING. We need to ALL demonstrate on the SAME DAY.

    3. NATIONAL campaign,posters,”gathers” (tea parties w/ neighbors, friends to inform them) TO END ROUNDUPS FOR GOOD!!!

    4. Fight for release of wild horses in holding pens throughout country.
    (ok I know i’m dreaming but it stays on my list!!!!)

    Yes we need help from celebs, Willie Nelson, Lacy J. Dalton, Sheryl Crow, Cher, Ellen etc.
    WE NEED $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    WE NEED TO HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My email is:

  16. carol poole Says:

    Leave a message on the Presidents MYSPACE fo all to see!

  17. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    No, we do not need to all demonstrate on the same day. And going to Washington is to do more than demonstrate, it is to talk to legislators and to have speakers and film and even a meeting with certain people cosponsoring the ROAM Act. We do not have time to raise lots of money but we need to meet in Washington for a legal rally that may last a bit more than one day while we talk to the powers that be and expose BLM and Interior Department behavior and put our energy into getting the ROAM Act passed. The Interior Department is still on Bush time and that needs to be challenged. This is not about posters. It is about lives slipping away in pens and slaughter houses. This is grassroots and all those who love horses. If you need a poster, make one. Tea parties? “Gathers” ? You are breaking people into little groups. It has been that way for years already. We need a Big Push. We are all volunteers. Of course this is to free horses who are being held. What do you think will happen to them if we do not free them? Court action is expensive and takes time we no longer have. if charges were brought against someone who deserves it, that is different. Is Mustang alley going to bring people together i a common fight or keep us apart? Mar

    • carol poole Says:

      I guess I didn’t do a good job of explaining my thoughts. There is so much to do and so much going on. Yes I think we should go to Washington. There is not enough time or space to explain all the details. I did not mean JUST to demonstrate. We CAN do more than 1 thing at a time. IT IS possible.
      I do take offense at the last sentence. I have involved many people in this process without a blog. I am extremely anxious to save these animals and have been for many years. I adopted a wild mustang from the BLM 2 years ago because of the Burns 3 strikes and your out rider.
      What I listed off the top of my head were not 4 things to do today. First and most important to me, given the timeframe was to do something to assure that the horses that were captured do not become seperated and go up for adoption or sale. (I had already emailed Makendra days ago about accepting donations and making an offer on all the captured horses prior to the BLM moving them)
      I’m sorry you felt the need to ridicule my thoughts and feelings.
      We are all feeling a lot of pain right now and time is running out for the horses.

      Next I felt we should go to Washington.
      Anything after that was my thoughts about a national campaign to stop roundups period. This would take place AFTER Cloud’s herd was secure.

    • Lyn McCormick Says:

      I can’t be at the Pryor roundup site right now because I rescued 6 mustangs from the BLM pens 3 yrs ago. They live together, happily, with other domestic horses who we rescued for various reasons. We are in the process of training them as saddle horses because that is the best hope that they have for a secure future if its not with me for the duration of their life. I have been riding all of my life and training horses since I got my first horse in 1972. He was half mustang. It is not feasible to expect that the average horse person is going to be able to successfully train a wild horse, even with 90 days professional training, especially if it is a young or an older horse, for all the obvious reasons. Even with all of their training, I would turn our mustangs back into the wild if it was possible. It has been the most extraordinary experience of my lifetime career with horses. They are exceptional individuals.
      The big issue is, of course, keeping all of them in the wild by keeping the government accountable to us and the real science of managing wild horses, not the pseudo science tht suits their political agenda.
      So, I think everyone who has written to this Blog has great ideas. How do we unite under one umbrella and become a powerful force for change like other well organized factions ? If we have to fight special interests for what is rightfully ours then WE need to become a special interest group. I think marching on Washington about the time the ROAM legislation hits the Senate is a good start. Lets do it !

  18. Kelli Jay Says:

    We are on borrowed time. These horses are not safe, this is all about power and money. It has NOTHING to do with the preservation of the herd, bloodlines or their welfare.
    This was done in the most sneaky and dishonest way that I have ever seen anything done. I have zero trust in our government now and after this, their own ability to control themselves or anything else. Damn those ranchers/BLM to hell for stealing this land the way they are doing. To them, animals are sewing machines, electric mixers, something to create a profit. Nothing more. We are paying for this roundup. Just like everything else that honest people in this country fund with our taxes, we have no voice in how we want to use those dollars.
    Those babies are scared and confused tonight. They have been stolen and “hunted” by a criminal in a freaking helicopter. This roundup changes everything. There is no more Govt. by the people and for the people. We lost that.
    I am so sad tonight and am sending every ounce of positive thoughts and love to those scared babies. What confusion they must be going through as they try to keep their families together. Again, I will make the calls tomorrow, but like with our anti-slaughter bills, something always takes priority over the lives of our horses. Sickening.

  19. Deb Bennett Says:

    The BLM is having a meeting of National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board on Sept. 28 in Arlington Virginia. They have set aside an hour during this meeting for public comment. I know it might be too late for the horses, but maybe we can make a difference at this meeting. It’s a start. I think the deadline for written comments is Sept. 23. Send your comments to: Bureau of Land Management, National Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program, WO-260, Attention Ramona DeLorme, 1340 Financial Boulevare, Reno, Nevada 89502-7147. I found thid info on BLM’s website. There has to be a way for the public to make thier wishes known and to stop the BLM from destroying our national treasures. They should start with removing their lying director.

  20. Shirley Allen Says:

    Hi Guys, I’ve seen a ton of great ideas here and on numerous blogs and websites and we all have our ideas of what might work best but I’m praying that we don’t let our hurt and emotion split us. It so easy to have words misinterpreted, I’ve been guilty of writing when my anger was too high also and I’ve probably come across in a way I didn’t mean or toooo over the top in some cases. Don’t let our deep emotion regarding this horrible situation divide us even in the least little bit. We have to stay strong as a unit. Personally, even though I have my own ideas also I’ve been following Ginger and the folks with boots on the ground to give the lead. We sure do not want to make any mis-steps along the way because we don’t have current and truthful information. They are the ones that have eyes and ears on the situation right now. I’ve concentrated on inundating Washington and any and all Media with calls and emails and posting to every single website that is appropriate. Keeping this on the front burner in Washington right now is so important because the only ones that can do anything immediately are the President or Salazar. My thoughts are that we have to make sure they are safe first and then hit them hard legally AND we have to stay active with our demands of an investigation into BLM and the Government agencies that make these decisions regarding OUR horses, donks and wildlife in general. I’m all for marching on Washington also but I’m not sure how many folks will be able to pull themselves away from their jobs/homes long enough to make the impact we want to make. Just for example, I do not work but have wild horse and burro rescue in Nevada and most likely would not be able to pull away from our 34 critters right now and there’s the expense of travel for those of us that are across the Nation also. We have been working on wild horse issues for years and it’s always a long, extremely hard fight but we absolutely have to have one person that is giving direction to a cause and then get behind it with all the strength we have. Right now because of how, where and why this has all developed, I think the lead decisions should come from Ginger and “company”. Cloud and Family are our best known wild horses worldwide and we need to stay with a compassionate figure EVERYONE in the world can relate to. We have to hold close to each other right now and ride this out if we are going to win for OUR wonderful wild horses. Take Good Care All. I’m back to calls, writing and media contacts for the moment. I suspect we will have more info and direction today and tomorrow now that Labor Day is over and people are coming back to work. Thanks Everyone.

  21. Sharon Good Says:

    Keep me informed. I am sick about this.

  22. mary leslie Says:

    This is absolutely enraging!! Yet another example of a run away government butting in where they do not belong and destroying what was once strong and beautiful and pure! I am just so disgusted….

  23. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Lyn McCormick, Thanks. I do not believe we have to go so far as become a special interest group. You need to trust who is out there that love horses. Little girls and some boys, too. I am not sure we represent the demographic nationally. On Google, they refer to The Cloud Foundation being made up of middle aged women. I am beyond that. We should have a lot of power behind just us, but that is part of our problem. Who we are has been used, in a prejudicial way, against us. To go to Washington, AFTER the Pryor horses get all the help they need from us, would mean to bring a cross section of people together. That is what would happen. I have some belief that Americans who love horses will respond. We are grassroots all the way. We need that. If a march on Washington happens, it is the idea that the average American can speak up and be heard. That has the most strength. My name is Mar, like mare, and I am the one who keeps saying this about Washington, and I did not ridicule anyone, Carole, I am sorry you took it that way. This is a lifelong fight for me. When you do good and someone takes it down behind your back and makes you start all over, you only want others to see the reality and get on with it. The glitterati that want to help, will. The press needs to hear there is a real story and they have been a bit judgmental themselves or we might have more out there. Right now, has Cloud been released? What horses were injured and are they being helped or hindered? 60 horses, or more, remained to be brought in today and tomorrow. It is not over. More happens. Mar

  24. Emily Says:

    Oh my goodness! Cloud’s rounded up?! NO! And his beautiful grandson, Image, is being put up for adoption? Ugh. The BLM disgusts me. I swear, if the BLM was actually smart, , they would release Cloud’s whole band. I really wish my family had enough money to own a horse, and more land, cause I would TOTALLY adopt Image, Dancer, Arrow, and Rain. I would love to own a horse!

  25. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Just getting back on to the older posts. Mar

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