Bolder’s Filly Thin?

*****NEWS FLASH**** 2pm, Sept. 6, 2009
The Cattoor roundup helicopter just drove Cloud’s son Bolder and his band down the mountain. It is over 90 degrees now in the low country and the horses must travel over 12 miles. We cannot be in the helicopter or anywhere to observe and can only see and witness a small portion of their frightening journey. Chino’s band was with them as well and they fine coming in but at this time of year many of the horses are way out in the Forest Service and they had a very long trip down. The helicopter is going up now for more horses, very likely including the week-old foal and her young mother, both planned to be removed. This is the wrong time to do a roundup in the Pryors—later in the fall the horses would be much lower down the mountain. But this is when the roundup crew was available. Many of the foals are too young for this journey.
Bolder's Buckskin Filly 8-30-09 atop mountain

Bolder's buckskin filly 8-30-09

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21 Responses to “Bolder’s Filly Thin?”

  1. Terry Casson Says:

    What more can be done to stop this inhumane treatment? Letters, calls, pleas and prayers aren’t getting the job done. Our government has gone mad with power and doesn’t believe it’s accountable to anyone. WRONG!
    There is a higher power who will be met someday.

    • CStone Says:

      {I’m repeating parts of my message from last post here, because I want more of you to see it & decide if the IDEA has MERIT??}

      But THINK… who is a bigger Celebrity than CLOUD, himself?

      Many of you speak of raising MONEY for a fight and/or BUYing the oldest members of the herd– (& I agree with these ideas…BUT) remember that Madeline Pickens is still trying to BUY ALL of the horses in long-term holding– and the BLM & government Won’t LET HER!!!— they’re NOT going to let US do it either!!
      Why doesn’t the BLM HAVE to do what the Chairman of committee on Natl Parks, Forests, Public LANDS (Grijalva) asks/ demands that they do?? what the G.A.O. demands that they do? What the other chair of Natural Resources (Rahall) demands?
      WHO are they REALLY working FOR? {Mr Fitch says it has to do with Uranium sources in Pryors— & implied link to Cheney–Dubai–UAE–???} I don’t know, but I DO know that this is BIGGER than forage for cattle.

      However- my IDEA is: would Madeline PICKENS agree to quickly BUY up news & advertising spots ALL over different type stations –maybe fly Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour {sp?}to do story— then put CLOUD, and ELECTRA, and GRUMPY, and the late Wise SHAMAN, and IMAGE, and QUELLE C with babe, and CONQUISTADOR, etc as “the Celebrity faces”, while Ginger & the Crow elder & Viggo & Hope Ryden & Karen S., etc. do the talking in the BackGround??? Get their Majestic FACES on everyone’s screen, on everyone’s mind— the FACES no one will be able to Forget??? What do you think?
      {someone here had a way to contact Mrs.Pickens}

      Maybe even a simple background voice saying “What Will YOU SAY when your children or grandchildren ASK if You did everything that you could DO– to save them? to protect them?” “How Will YOU explain this loss to YOUR children?”…along with the flashes of CLOUD, Electra, the many HORSE FACES…. (I figure that any ppl that DON’t help (incl Obama & govt officials), will at least feel guilty as **, if only for a few moments! & Many WON’T get those FACES off their minds…!)… or maybe THEIR KIDS won’t let them forget, either?

      • CStone Says:

        & NO, of course, Bolder’s lovely Buckskin Daughter is NOT too thin! Mrs. Cattoor is hardly likely to be a good judge of horses, LOL! I bet that SHE is none-too-thin herself?

  2. Julianne French Says:

    Since when do you do round up for the convenience of the indicted and convicted helicopter horse contractor. Why not do what is best for the horses. The BLM is so corrupt and ruthless.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Ginger and Makendra, Has anyone accounted for Beauty who was not with Seattle? Did she join up with him after his release? I hope she will be found.
    Thank you for all you are doing, Marilyn

    • CStone Says:

      I am worried about Beauty, as well– however, I hope that she does NOT show up until AFTER the BLM leaves! & hopefully she has “shared her Perfect Hiding Place” with a few more old friends??

  4. Lisa Williams Says:

    I can stand to read one more horrifying word, but then I would be guilty of ignoring a crime in progress. I feel like a helpless bystander who can’t do a blasted thing to stop the madness and insanity, while the innocent suffer.

    The laws are being ignored by our federal government for greed and underhanded motives. Our Presidents and leaders do nothing to stop illegal activity. Our land, animals and environment are being robbed from the people. What is next? What? What? I hate to hear the answer.

    The lies are unmeasurable now. No federal agency can be trusted when it comes to the will of the people they are suppose to serve.

  5. carrol abel Says:

    Tears are in my eyes as I write this comment… truth is they have been there for few days. I know what it is to watch a wild one grow then to find their freedom taken away and their future in grave danger. All because of years of prejudice, outdated studies, a “good ole’ boys” mentality, and governing agencies with omnipotent attitudes. It is long past time for these agencies to be dragged into the 21st century. With advocate groups working together, they will be just the ones to do the dragging.

    Don’t loose heart. Don’t give up the fight! There are plenty of people behind you. Prayers for all involved – horses and people alike.

  6. Ashley Smith Says:

    I hear you all on that one. It truly is a crime and I can hardly sit by and watch this happen. If I had the means, I would go straight to Washington and give those corrupt, fat, lazy men who calls themselves our leaders a piece of my mind. It is wrong and they know it. Like I have stated before, makes me wonder what is up their that this all has to be done right now. Makes you think, don’t it?

    Till the day that government sees that it is doing things wrong, and that men who are power hungry mungers are in office that should not be, there is only so much we can do. Though, for myself, I have one thing to say.

    Ginger, never give up the fight! You have thousands of people around the nation who are with you and I feel that someday soon, we will win this battle and the horses will be safe where they are meant to be. I will not stop fighting.

  7. Phyllis Judice Says:

    Each day of this round-up I grow sadder. Icry for all the horses that we all are trying to save, and the evil people who care nothing for them, round them up and then changfe the rules. Has anyone sent a copy of the Clouds DVD to the President. Letters and calls don’t seem to get thru. Who has the control to stop this. Everyone I talk to , thoses who about the herd and those who don’t are outraged. This huge moutain just isn’t big enough for 200 horses…Their ancestors have been here longer than some of ours. The sadness of this is beyond words..I pray that something good happens before it’s too late

  8. Carole-Terese Naser Says:

    I have been writing Congress to Save the Mustangs since I was 11 years old. In 1969, I started writing letters in a massive nationwide movement to help our mustangs. Cleveland Armory and Wild Horse Annie were then the leaders. As a result of the ensuing public outrage, the Wild Horse and Burro Romaing Act were passed. I am now 53. The same reckless disrespect for the wild horses is happening again, has been happening since Conrad Burns tricked the public with a sneaky law several years ago. And probably all along, as the mustangs have been going to slaughter in large numbers. This thought keeps me awake at night. If the horses do not have their freedom, then I do not have mine, as an American.

    As you all may know, the American Bald Eagle was nearly usurped as our national symbol by the Mustang. Ben Franklin wanted the Mustang as our national symbol. If only that had happened, we would not be in this position. As it stands, the eagle flourishes. The horses suffer.

    Yes, I am completely outraged about this. The truth is, folks, all the praying and letter writing and phone calls have not worked. They have alerted the BLM so that these sorts of roundups happen in more covert ways, with sophisticated PR in place. The same thing happens with the slaughter issue, which is a related porblem. We cannot seem to stop the BLM. We cannot seem to stop the Dept. of Agriculture. I for one am tired of the talking the talk and no walking involved. The BLM gives air time, and then turns around and revises their plans to offest the public outcry. The horses are breaking legs, terrorized and trapped. They have lost thier freedom forever. I have been watching now for 42 years. I write the letters. I make the phone calls. But it is no longer working. What is needed is an effective campaign.

    If Americans cannot stop the BLM from rounding up the most famous wild horses on the planet…well, this is when we know the BLM feels it has the backing of the government and the power to do what it wants. How frightening is that?

    I find it unbelievable and a betrayal of the horses. And of my belief in liberty.

    As I lived in Arizona, I well know the power of the cattlemen, and they are bullies and disresprectufl of other landowners when it comes to the range. In case you (readers) did not know, a landowner out West must fence out other people’s cattle. It is not up to the cattle rancher to keep his own herd on his own land. Cattle are everywhere, grazin gon private and public lands, and the law is badly biased in favor of the cattle rancher.

    The entire scenario is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Moreover, the BLM has over 30,000 mustangs already rounded up, and they do not have a reasonable plan for them. Madeline Pickens tried to buy these horses back, with the idea of re-releasing them, yet she could not get the Government to work with her on the land lease part of this initiative. Unbelievable.

    So where does this leave Cloud’s family and other mustangs? In holding pens across the West for years. Shipped East, where adoptive owners who do not understand how to train and work with feral horses, end up giving up these horses in large numbers. Yes, many of them ultimately end up at slaughter within a few years. This is the hard truth. Wild horses are very very hard to train when they have been rounded up and then kept in holdiong pens and badly transported. I do not think they should be rounded up at all. I am for NO ROUNDUPS, ever. The minute humans intervene with the process of natural selection, there is hell to pay.

    What is the answer to this terrible betrayal of our horses?

    Ginger, I truly think at this point, we need to take the gloves off. You are the leader here. People will follow you. But I implore you, do not continue to ask people to write and call Congress. I have been doing that for 4 years on the slaughter issue, and it is a bandaid fix and has no lasting impact. A Call to Real Action is what this needs.

    Forget the laws and the due process right now. The time has come to make a big statement, something the Americam public will get behind, feel outraged over.

    Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures. Are we desperate enough now?

    Campaign Ideas:

    1. A “Charge on Washington.” Hard to organize, but if horses in D.C. are considered vehicles with a right to the road, as they are in most states, you could “gallop” on Washington. No one would ignore the cause then. The horses would walk, of course, not gallop at all. But the symbolism would be there. You do not need hundreds of horses 1 would do. If they can have horses at the NY Stock Exchange (when Dover Saddlery went public), they can have horses at the Capitol.

    2. A documentary aired on Primetime. This is your area, and I suspect you are already working on this. Get it out there ASAP. Be the Michael Moore of the Mustangs. You may not like his work, but he gets his point across. Ourageous statements work in this world. The documentaries about the herd behavior are fascinating. I am a behaviorist, I appreciate this fine work. But it will not save the horses, it does not reach a large enough audience in a fast enough timeline. The public needs something outrageous to view, that is what holds the attention of the public. Edgy is the order of the day.

    3. Nightly news magazine spot. I have worked with Nick Berkowitz at Inside Edition on the horse slaughter issue. That News Magazine might air 2 minutes of the horses being rounded up. I think they would do it right away, they have a fast turnaround time. They did a horse slaughter story 2 years ago. This is easy to do.

    4. WILD AID: A Concert to keep the Mustangs Free. I have talked aboout this now for 4 years, but no one is listening (sound familiar?). I think music draws people together in a way that nothing else does. I think you would get great support. It could be broadcast live stream on the Internet. There are many musicians who would step up for this. A sort of Live Aid for the horses.

    5. Begin an initiative to make the Mustang the National Symbol. THis would stir controversy and so shed light on the issue.

    These are ideas, each designed to raise awareness. And I am willing to help implement them with press, time and energy. The time has come for acting outside the box.

    Thank you.

    • CB Says:

      I agree with what you are saying. Petitions can easily be thrown into the trash.
      I recently spoke with Compassion Over Killing. Their strategy was a number of 30 second public service announcements spots (PSA) to air on numerous channels. They targeted VH!, Bravo and many other channels. This Can be done also by having more than one PSA.
      It is important to reach a wider public, not just horse lovers spread all across the country, and I agree that the style has to be different from the show. I started calling stations in Los Angeles to get estimates, and it is possible to air something as early as this week. If we plan it right, we might be able to air an entire campaign in major cities. I am available to help, and I have filming and editing equipment. Another thing I learned is that stations sometimes have even free slots left over. Who wants to help by calling sale executives in various cities to get costs for airing and find free time as well? I have started with Los Angeles and Time Warner Cable, it would help if more people get involved so we can have a quick turn around, as well as a determine what we are saying and how we can target it to various audiences.
      Seriously, I work in the film industry, but I have not met anyone here who knows about the plight of the American wild horse, and documentaries take time and might only reach a “niche market”. Public service announcements are viewed while people of all ages who watch all types of shows. This is the way to show our mustang as the national symbol. Please contact me, I have started doing research and writing, as well as contacted business owners to raise funds.

    • CStone Says:

      There is a Fall Wild Horse & Burros summit meeting in late September, this month, in ARLINGTON, VA… which is outskirts of D.C.—that might be the perfect time to DO this! There will likely be a number of horse advocates going to this anyway. (I have no clue what it would take to transport a horse to there, but I know there are several Rescue ranches & Assoc’s in Pennsylvania & New Jersey & -I think, Virginia; so those people are very close.)
      re: [“Charge on Washington.” Hard to organize, but if horses in D.C. are considered vehicles with a right to the road, as they are in most states, you could “gallop” on Washington.]

      please see one of earlier Cloud Foundation posts and/or on Pryor Wild regarding summit– it was posted in late August or 1st Sept. (I know I saved, but can’t locate it right now…there have been a LOT of postings in last 15 days!)

  9. Shirley Allen Says:

    I agree with Carole on most of her post but keeping the heat on Washington with constant calls and emails does keep the cause on the front burner. I know it’s hard to keep the interest in calling up but when the Whitehouse has to put in another line with message because we’re clogging up their switchboard we are doing alot of good. To me it’s just a matter of staying the course and including all other good ideas along the way. America’s attention span is very short and folks have a tremendous amount on their individual plates right now but staying STRONG with a CONSTANT VOICE does get attention. I sure like Carole’s ideas for making even more noise and using ALL avenues of media ect. It’s just that we cannot stop or let up the least little bit until they are all safe. God’s speed and protection to ALL that our working so hard. It’s always been a hard fight because of WHO we’re fighting but WE CAN DO THIS. We have to make sure that America see’s and stays aware of what’s at stake. Take Care Everyone.

  10. Emily Says:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! Bolder is rounded up!? This is HORRIBLE!
    No, no, no. The Bureau of Lies and Mismanagement is, is, a
    _________ (<– things I should not say)
    Next may be Flint, and then Cloud or Cloud's mother's band.
    (By the way, does anyone know what happened to Cloud's father, Raven?)

    • CB Says:

      I thought they already caught Flint and his young foals, and separated them in the corals.

    • CStone Says:

      Yes, the Majestic Raven seems to have died over the Winter of 2007-2008! No specific reason was stated, nor the time or specifics about how he was found; I have saved photos and postings of siting him looking beautiful and healthy several times throughout Summer & Autumn of 2007. He was Ginger’s “Spirit horse”!
      Here is a “clip” I saved from Ginger’s Q&A post, that I titled
      [Q&A date 07/01/2008]:
      “You mention you had horses. I only had one horse at a time on our farm so was totally ignorant about the rich lives wild horses have in their family bands.
      What an eye opener when I started filming and met Raven, the black stallion who is Cloud’s father. I still get chills when I remember first seeing him in March of 1994, eating snow at the base of a red butte at dawn. He died over this past winter, and I am sad about this, of course, but happy that his life was lived in Freedom.
      It is rare that a wild horse gets to live their entire life in the place where they were born.
      We created to see if we can turn that unhappy statistic around.
      Happy Trails! Ginger”

      I also thank the Great Creator that neither the royal RAVEN nor brave SHAMAN lived to see these horrible days; they both lived in TOTAL FREEDOM all their great lives!

  11. Grace Gokturk Says:

    I just sent in a $100 donation to Cloud Foundation. Maybe if we all send in what we can, it will enable them to keep up the fight. Meanwhile I am continuing to call my US Senators & the Whitehouse to voice my opposition to this roundup. I also emailed a request for Oprah to do a story on the BLM mismanagement & illegal treatment of the mustangs. If she gets enough requests, maybe she’ll do a story & she reaches & inspires a big audience. And, I agree with someone else’s suggestion to contact other national humane groups & ask them to join the fight.

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I am getting back on some of these older posts. mar

  13. Ronald Rediker Says:

    Generally I do not post on sites, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to do so! Thanks, really nice article.

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